Ocober 5th, 2013 …. The Dreamcatcher

10-13-0023Sometimes, well most times when I’m working the camera, I want to FEEL my photos and not just SEE them. Above, case in point. I was standing on the Elevated [platform waiting for the next train. It was sunny and warm but the structures block the light and create massive shadows and there’s not always good light around. Of course I like the dreamcatcher light anyway so I’m never at a loss for light. I could hear the train arriving and the vibrations shaking the platform. I saw this patch of light and looked at it. I knew this light was capable of giving birth to a shadow warrior image. As people started to walk to the train, I held fast waiting for the shadow and then CLICK!

10-13-0026Sometimes the light shows me the way and all I have to do is tune in and wait for the light uh..uh…right moment. This dreamcatcher work is not an effect, it effects me and this is what I feel at the time of making the photos.

10-13-0041One of my workshop members Ron, I don’t like saying student because I’m just me and they are just them…..any way, Ron said to me that he thought my Dreamcatcher series was about death and the hereafter. He felt I was preoccupied with death. I disagreed of course because the work is not about Death, it’s about Life and finding it on the other side.


10-13-0025This is a rare photo. I haven’t been without a POW/MIA hat in a long time. I thought I was doing a portrait of that guy in the mirrio but it wasn’t me and I didn’t recognize him cause he wasn’t wearing the hat either.

Don’t worry….I see my Shrink on Monday….I wonder if he’ll recognize me….hmmmmm

3 thoughts on “Ocober 5th, 2013 …. The Dreamcatcher”

  1. shooter …came for a lookaround ….catching dreams i see and not even using an asabikeshiinh… neat trick …..just want to clue you in to the best manner of shooting rangefinder glass which i believe you may not have tried, its the ricoh gxr m mount module , head on over to reid reviews as he can explain the dedicated microlenses bettrer than i …. as a legacy shooter of slr and rf glass with micro 43 , nex and xe1 i can tell you that despite the 12mp file size , it blows away any other method , and puts wide tpo shame on those other systems … i still use the xe1 and em5 for legacy as i love a good evf …… stay well friend

    1. Thanks for stopping by….

      Actually the best camera for Legacy glass is the Nex6. The peaking is far superior to anyone else’s. Due to the sharpened effect on the XE-1, I use the Fuji native glass on that. I wanted to use my Voigtlanders but they are happier on the Nex6 and so am I. The GXR I had for a few years and set one up for the A12 units nd the other for the M Mount. Works great but the screen got me in the end.

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