October 13th, 2013 ….. Autumn … Leaves Aren’t the Only Things Falling

10-13-0056There’s a somber mood on the streets now. Perhaps it’s the fact that the United States Government decided to shut down because there’s no money to operate. Oh, the monies there but it’s just not allocated to go where it’s needed…THE PEOPLE WHO PAY TAXES AND WHOSE MONEY IT IS!

As I walk Market Street, I feel a kind of detachment from the passer-bys and even those that grace my presence and camera with a look back. The eye contact that reaches to the Soul from another Soul. The eye contact that needs reassuring that one is not alone in the boat. As odd as it may seem, eye contact is not a fearful thing to deal with at this time. I mean, people want to be recognized as someone that counts, as a living person not a number as the way the Govt sees them.. Pointing the camera is no longer an attack on privacy but a sign of recognition of another persons worth.

10-13-0066I’m kinda in an introverted mode, well an introvert that uses a camera to make photos that reflect my thoughts. Truthfully, I don’t give a hoot.

I’m finding the Nex6 and XE-1 to be a nice combination of cameras. They are stubborn and will not swap lenses with each other because of some ego thing they have going on. I trick them both easily by using a few M mount lenses. So, camera wise I think I’m good for a spell. No trades in sight. I won’t rock the camera boat even tho’ the G’ men are rocking the boat for the entire world.

10-13-0063I guess my point is that, as shooters we also need to feel connected to our work and other shooters. The real gift is when another shooter relates to and likes your ideas and photos.

With all this going on it’s not easy to stay focused. It’s not easy to breathe your work but you must do that. I must do that and I try and try again but it’s not an easy battle. It would be easier if I had a stupid camera to blame things on but I don’t. I have 2 smaat cameras that make great photos until I get in the mix and screw things up. They are learning my ways and I’m learning their ways and maybe by the time the winter is over, together we can continue the journey together to find photos but if not….the NexFF will be around and I’ll have to get money from Roger to get it…..nah…..

I need a nap as I’m tired from something but I don’t know what and I can’t figure it out cause I can’t but I shouldn’t have to cause my VA Doc will see me on Friday and tell me that everything’s ok and normal cause I didn’t do anything stupid but I didn’t do anything smaat either…….


One thought on “October 13th, 2013 ….. Autumn … Leaves Aren’t the Only Things Falling”

  1. Nice to see you’re enjoying the 18mm too. Great work as ever.
    From a far point of view, I’m not sure you have to blame the govt as a whole, but the part of them that are acting as internal enemies. We are not in better shape on this part of the world, nonetheless I find incredible that the battle for a law may justify sinking the entire boat. Please note that this is not expressing a political position (I’ve got one but it’s not to be discussed here). There are some people that think politics is a matter of blackmailing. In all this, the men of the street are the victims and you’re making photographs of them.

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