October 18th, 2016 … The Case For Auto ISO … Part 1


Ramblings are not always bad or good, I suppose. Look at Clinton and Trump. They are both rambling, spreading bullshit and not getting anything done. Maybe the plan is to divert the citizens from finding out there is no plan and that way nothing gets done so the citizens can’t complain. Ya don’t think this is true. Look at President  Obama, perfect example. Well, that’s my political views all tied up.

So, the streets are filled with many different energies. I posted last about change and it’s true. The political scene has brought out the best, well…the worst of people. This effects me as well because the energy out there is not pure. I mean it’s always filtered but now it’s polluted.

I was at the National Historic Park and as always looking for juxtapositions that I relate to. This guy is watching me like a hawk. He’s looking at Serendipity  with that look of building lust. I hold her tight but loose enough to do her job.  He’s still following me and then I turn and there, there in front of me is the guy follower and the ….CLICK!




To the point. It is a disbelief to assume that manual mode is not manual mode using Auto ISO. I’m going to explain.  There are those amongst us that feel the ISO should be fixed in M Mode. I beg to differ. What happens is if you  use a fixed ISO, all 3 points of exposure are locked. if you read the scene and you see that you are 1 1/2 stop off, then you have to make a decision to sacrifice the exposure equivalent. I am not putting the Exp Comp in the equation. I never use it, don’t believe in it and think it doesn’t exist.


The thing is this. When I am shooting out there and I believe at least a few agree with this….I want to work without restriction from the camera. If I was using the 3 points of exposure, I would constantly be checking the meter etc to male sure I wan’t under or over. Back in the days of film cameras, you set the ISO and then adjusted the aperture and/or shutter speed to get proper exposure. This system is what many call manual exposure. All 3 points are locked.

Well, I’m not about to be locked into anything except my cell when I act up and that’s rare. The idea with a camera is to make adjustments to secure the image. What happens if your out shooting at 1/500 F8 ISO 400? well, nice exposure and then you turn to the bldg and this amazing scene is there and you simply must make the photo. Well, ok so what? The issue is that the light is 3 stops less because f the dark doorway and shadows. Now, you can’t get the shot. Because you listened to the guys and gals that told you M Mode is all 3 points locked. Sure you can move the aperture and loose DOF or even change the shutter speed and run the risk of movement from the subject or worse, you and the camera. The Horror! Isn’t the point of any camera to make the mechanical aspect of photography easier so that you can concentrate on the aesthetics? Well?



I will continue this discussion in the next day or two. I know many M Mode shooters will not like this but that’s to damn bad. Even the Mighty M is digital now.

10 thoughts on “October 18th, 2016 … The Case For Auto ISO … Part 1”

  1. What I love most about the GR is the “TAv” mode. You set the shutter speed and lens aperture, and the camera does its thing with the ISO. Sets my mind free and easy to just be one with the universe. When the meteor hits or North Korea lets its nukes fly, I’ll be ready to capture my last moment and not have to worry if my camera settings are “correct”.

    1. Thanks Keith. Been struggling with my WP stuff. Good to see you. The meteor, is that the Trump or Clinton? I use Tav on the GRII also and will never have a camera without Auto ISO.

      Part 2 later today, be blessed

      1. Except that AutoISO tends to sacrifice speed for ISO, when I’d like to sacrifice ISO for speed. You can limit minimum speed of course but then the risk becomes to be out of the “bands”… Add to that my stubborn refusal to use the screen for framing, plus I run on a dark screen anyways, and there you go, the external optical VF does not scream at you if your images are inadvertently going blurry. Sometimes blur is nicely atmospheric, but… So I suppose you’re right, I need to try TAv a lot more than I ever did….

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