October 28th, 2014 … Thoughts, Findings and Observations on the Fuji X30 … (Pt 3)


Well, there’s so many great things about the Fuji X30, it’s hard to no where to start. I will say this, if you get this camera and you really should… be smarter than me and READ THE MANUAL.  Than being said, the Fuji X30 is a very intuitive camera indeed. For me, an old street shooter, it offers too much. I mean almost every button on the thing can be configured to the way you want.

You younger shooters will have a ball with that but see, if I change the Macro button to something else, I’ll forget what it is.

There is a feel to this camera that is very intoxicating. Fuji knows how to design a camera and they know that the FEEL is what really sells the shooter. So, as I’m working the street, the X30 kinda just fits in my hand very nice and a tight fit at that. I mentioned the grip and the feel just gets better and better. I wish my X100s had this grip. I have never felt any better, sorry Richard. I am using a neck strap but rarely have the X30 around my neck. I wrap the strap around my wrist and secure the camera that way. I will no doubt just use a wrist strap in the future. For now, I need to experiment with the tilting screen and the neck strap is better for that. Speaking of which… the screen is a sheer delight as it is but in bright light, I turned it +2 and that was fin and still had more I could take it to. Unreal.


There are a lot of settings on the camera and a few ways to get to them. I’ll explore that later. I think the most important for me and every shooter ever born or ever will be is the ring thing.

In M Mode with AFS, I have the ring set to Aperture. This give me a very quick way to change settings. It is being said the the ring should have indents to it instead of a long sweep. Well, at first I was in disagreement to this and now after using the camera, I would like to have indents on the ring. It’s not bad by any stretch of the imagination but with indents, the aperture could be set easier.

So I’m feeling my shootin ‘ oats and I’m out on the street and I decide to go t M Focus. Yeah man, I mean the X30 has an amazing range for DOF.

These settings are for 28mm FOV.

f/stop        Focus Distance

2.o             10.1′                                                                                                                                                                                       2.8              7.1′                                                                                                                                                                                   4.0              5.0′                                                                                                                                                                                       5.6              3.5′                                                                                                                                                                                     8.0              2.5′                                                                                                                                                                                   11.0            1.8′

So to use this scale, simply set your f/stop, then see the corresponding focus distance on the chart and focus the camera at that distance.

Example:  f/4.0  you get from 2.5’ to infinity in focus. The scale is the Hyper Focal Distance for this camera at 28mm. You focus on the distance provided and the DOF is from 1/2 that distance to infinity. So, the Fuji X30 has a sense of humor. Just when I get to thinking I got it down and decided to switch to Manual Focus… well it does that real easy but… now this is a big butt….. When I am in Manual Exposure and use AFS Mode,  the RING works for Aperture and everything is fine. If I switch to MF the ring now goes to Focus Distance and I had to figure out how to get the aperture to change. The control dial on back is used in conjunction with the button on front of the camera to select either Aperture or Shutter speed.












22 thoughts on “October 28th, 2014 … Thoughts, Findings and Observations on the Fuji X30 … (Pt 3)”

    1. Lynn, I only do RAW. The jpegs are splendid when I tested them. I am making a post tomorrow or Thursday showing all three cameras. X100s. X30 and Coolpix A.
      Stay tuned…. don

    1. Well, great question. I ad as much as I feel. The camera does not make noisy images and I like to feel that quality and control it.
      How much do I add… as much as I can get away with…..

  1. don –
    that last shot of all the crazy leg angles, set off by the plain straight ones in the distance, is amazing. the lady’s smile and the sun rays are underlining – no, shouting – how great this shot is. the jagged wrinkles on the left legs, the stripes on the right legs,the boots in the middle, and the screws on the decking following the leg shadows, which seem wild because the shadows are straight but her legs are crossed… just wonderful. whew!
    – marke

    1. Thanks Marke, now you know how I felt…. notice that there is no unwanted flare to speak of and that you can see her face.

  2. Don….I’m very ,very tempted!…I love the idea of having the histogram in the viewfinder , I have read that there is an option for it to show the RAW info as opposed to the JPEG values…..I would really help when pushing the exposure …cheers Ian

  3. Hi Don,

    I bought the X30 2 weeks ago and am definitely in love with this camera. Amazed at the point I sold my trusty X100! Still trying to master the settings and possibilities of this camera.

    It is a major update on the X20, even with the same sensor, the pictures seem different, better, crisper to me.

    All I have to do now is find a name for her…. or is it him?

    1. Frank, first things first my friend. Camera gender is not an exact science. I would suggest that you use the X30 a few times and see what comes up in yout mind.

      The Ricoh GRD 4 is the only digital camera on the shelf that is a female. Her name is Penelope. The rest are males. Take your time, it will resolve itself.
      The settings, yes, I have never worked with a camera that was to configurable. I do love it and more and more everyday, that love gets dangerously stronger.


    1. Keith, WP messed up the blog. Everything is screwed. Olivier is working on it but I might just shut it down. I’ll keep you posted….

  4. I’m a little late Don, but heck …
    It’s a pleasure to hear and see how well you’re getting along with your X30. I’m still shooting my beloved X10 (and the XP1) and as I mentioned some time ago I’ll keep shooting that baby until it falls apart which may take another couple years. You sure can beat an X but mine just don’t care, lol. I just hope that the X30 has some better dust sealing than the X10 or the XP1 (none to speak of).

    Keep it up amigo,

    1. Ken, thanks for commenting.
      I figured I’d use the X30 for like 4-6 weeks and then shoot dust test. I’ll do it this week and keep you posted.

  5. Hi Don. Thanks for the post. I’m currently using an XE1 with the 1.4 28mm prime. Love it and love the dof. Am I going to be able to replicate anything near as sharp at 35mm equiv on the x30? I do portraits and I street stuff. Ta. Rich.

    1. Rich, I don’t think I would compare cameras to replicate the IQ but more for size and features. The X30 is a nice camera but it is not an APS-C camera.
      For street stuff, which encompasses everything, it’s very good. The thing is to take the camera and look at what is considered the pitfalls and then work that into your photos.
      Noise/grain, I like that and use it as an aesthetic device to enhance my photos.


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