October 27th, 2013 ….. The Good Thing about the Cold Weather is….:

10-13-0411……, ya don’t need a camera bag cause your coat has very nice pockets. Shhhhhhh….I have more camera bags than my wife has pocketbooks. Oh yeah…it’s just that mine are hidden in the darkroom that doesn’t get used anymore because digital cameras have won me over even tho my darkroom is a Leica darkroom and my cameras are Fuji or some other thing so I had to have a good use for the darkroom besides being a true photographer so the darkroom is now the hidden dark zone of mystery that my wife has not ide to enter because all the bad chemicals in the world are stored in there waiting to fly into her lungs and make her a human being. I wonder how she thought about all that….hmmmm…..


10-13-0381So my criteria for coat purchasing procedures are different than my wife’s. First off, I look at the pockets. Then after deciding if my coat at hand can be a camera bag, we go to step 2.

Step 2 is hood evaluation and testing. See, if ya have this coat on and it has a hood…the hood is not allowed to interfere with camera strap neck installation procedures. The camera must be able to go from pocket storage space to the chest working region without interference form the hood as you try to get the strap over your head and under the hood so that the strap can rest against the collar and do this without looking like a complete idiot as you fight with the HOOD because it wants to keep the strap from going where YOU want it to go because you don’t want to look like an armature with your fancy dancy camera and everyone is watching you and in a half hour when the hood and collar battle against the camera strap is over, you can never walk that street again because everyone will know your no better than a 6 year old kid.

10-13-0392…..so then the wifey gets to get in the mix with coat acquisition. Of course her being from Russia, has a different set of husbands coat acquisition guidelines because she says she loves me and wants to make sure that I will be warm when she grants me permission to go out and make photos. She doesn’t care about the things menz photographers care about. She likes coats that will keep me warm in the frozen tundra region of Center City Philadelphia. I told here there exist grates in the ground that have heat coming from them and I can always war up on those if need be. She told me that those grates are there because the Good Politicians of the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia put those grates for the Homeless people so they can have heat while they go looking for food, shelter and money.

That’s the first thing she ever said to me that ever made a drop of sense. 10-13-0374So after many a trip to Boscov’s or Macy’s, we will find common ground for the coat purchasing procedures. I never feel what Tanya wants for me in the coat selection until….Mummer’s Day Parade. Then…I all the sudden get the gist of what she was talking about during the coat episode. As I am out on the street looking for photos, feeling nice and warm…cameras in pockets, lenses in pockets, batteries in chest pockets….I get it! I am warm and feel like I can shoot al day….but my hands…..

10-13-0365my hands…the glove testing, acquisition and purchasing procedures, that’s another story for another time…..


4 thoughts on “October 27th, 2013 ….. The Good Thing about the Cold Weather is….:”

  1. You must have:
    a) a most humorous wife
    b) a most forgiving one
    c) a wife who doesn’t care for your blog posting

    Great shots, Don. Specially fond of the one with the Adidas guy.
    In the X side of photography already? You mentioned something about it.
    Great visiting you (specially with this loony kind of posts).

    1. Thanks Rafa. I think you’re correct on all counts with da bozz. As far as loonie post go….I never take myself too serious…the horror if I did.
      Yes, I’m happy in X land. The XP1 & XE1 are wonderful cameras and work so well together. A real pleasure and my coat works right a long with them.

      1. Should have guessed it was a mix of the three of them. 🙂
        The tone you use when bloggin’, postin’, podcastin’ or whatever is something I really appreciate from you. Fed up of serious (and uniformative) bullshit.
        Great having you around (on the X side or wherever).


        1. Yeah, she’s a mix of much more than 3 things…for sure. The truth is tho’ and you didn’t get this from me….she couldn’t care less about photography, cameras or what I do. She only wants to see the people I’m teaching to check out the woman. Of course that’s never an issue I mean, who would even think about cheating on his wife when she has no concerns about new cameras?

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