October 3rd, 2013 ….. Angels On The Street

10-13-0012It’s a very rare occasion that I use headphones and listen to music on the street. I love the sounds, the rhythm, the meter of life. I don’t want to cover that up with music. So I was walking around on Market St as usual but this time I had those Apple buds stuck in both my ears. I gotta tell ya…it’s not my favorite feeling on my head with those buds just itching my ears. There are about as much synergistic energy as doggie do do when you step in it.

The Fuji XE-1 and 27mm were ready for work. Ok….the music thing. There exist a piece of music that I LIVE and when I die, I want to hear it for eternity. I listened to this when I was a kid, I heard it in Viet Nam, I still am moved so much by it that I thought I’d share it with youse fine people.

Ralph Vaughan Williams “The Lark Ascending”. If there exist Angels on Earth, this is music for their ears as it is for our Souls. As a photographer, I am drawn to the energy that is around me all the time.

The woman above was standing there and people just ignored here and walked past like she didn’t matter, she didn’t exist. I walked close to her and was stunned, I couldn’t look anywhere else, I couldn’t hear a sound, I couldn’t move. I raised the camera and quickly made a photo. I wanted to be closer to her but I feared that I would break the spell. I clicked the shutter and the XE-1 did it’s job.

After a few seconds I started walking closer to her and she was walking to me. I looked her in the face and she turned to me and said……”Don’t ever stop, continue on the path”. I was actually set aback by her words and I walked maybe 20 feet further and turned around to see her once again. WHAT! She was gone. There’s no place to go, no doorways, stores, stairs nothing….just buildings all around.

I am not suggesting to anyone that you believe this or that you believe in a higher power or angels or anything. I do, I stand for it and am proud to state that I do.

Fuji XE-1Sometimes I feel that it’s my responsibility to make photos that question and attempt to answer the mysteries that surround us every day. Maybe I just make them for myself and that’s fine, that’s safer for sure as I would think many will assume I’m a little out there at this point. The thing is, I’m not, not at all.

I was still stunned by the Angel that whispered to me on 11th off Market. I walked in a semi-daze and headed to Love Park. I go there to think about Edmund Bacon and the things we talked about, the things we shared and understood together. I decided to go thru the Municipal Services Plaza. There’s sculpture and it’s a cool place to be.  What I find very interesting is that at this location, this place of City Government, homeless people never get chased away. There’s usually around 10-15 but they rest in peace and comfort.

I walked and I was still in a daze…..the light was changing from bright to very bright. I guess it’s about a 3 stop difference. I enjoy the way people interact with the sculpture and I saw a woman in white and felt a calling. I stood on top of the domino piece and aimed the camera, I wanted her back against the bright concrete…..just as I aimed the camera and was ready to shoot…she turned to me and said…it’s your path, do it. To be honest, I trembled…I smiled at her and started to walk to the Love Park. I was so shaken again…I was afraid to turn around and look at her…….

I know one thing, I feel lucky, NO! I feel blessed, I feel blessed that in a single day, 2 Angels acknowledged my existence and guided me on my path. I can only hope that you at some point in your life will experience a similar situation.

Am I crazy, Yes…the Veterans Administration says I am. I know that as a Human Being I am open to the experiences that life presents to me. I also am smart enough to have a camera with me when it does…………

9 thoughts on “October 3rd, 2013 ….. Angels On The Street”

  1. Wonderfull peace of text. I see now, looking closer, that there was no look, but all warmth and certainty in her eyes.

  2. Wonderful story, Don! I pray all the best to you as you continue on the “path.” You are not crazy, but certainly blessed. Personally, I have no doubt there are angels among us, and more.

    1. Thanks Dan. I was supposed to go to the Jersey Shore tomorrow to shoot but I’m stayin’ in Philly looking for Angels.

      1. Enjoy! I still hope to be on those streets with you one day. I have a very good old friend in Philly who I am planning to visit, but we have not worked out details yet.

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