Olivier Told Me I Was A 63 Year Old Hipster.

I do not can know if I should be happy or well…that’s an ugly thought. See, Olivier is much younger than me and he has these ideas that well, maybe at times they could be called exciting.

So I’m off to the VA Hospital again because my Electrolytes are as high as Duane flying in his aeroplane. Now here’s the thing. I always carry a camera. Olivier said I carry a camera all the time and don’t use it. Never I said. If I carry, I use.

Photo May 09, 11 36 20 AM

The guys a bad influence. He suggested that I use my iPhone 4 and not carry any other camera. I mean to tell ya….this is much easier said then done. I left the house and just carried the phone. It felt natural cause I have my phone with me all the time.

I kept reaching in my pocket for my camera but alas….empty. So I committed to getting this going.

It took about 1/2 hour to get the camera to be non-intruding.  It’s almost a true Point n’ Shoot. I use the widest lens FOV and the release technique for capture. The phone has great DOF so I pre-focus about 5′ in front of me….then I press the shutter release but I don let go until I frame and the moment is right. The ya just release and the camera does it’s thing.


Photo May 09, 12 14 47 PM


All in all, it’s not a bad way to work. I managed to get very close to people but those shots Olivier is using for an article.

Photo May 09, 11 37 16 AM


Once the camera stuff is out of the way, it’s time to go to Lightroom. That was cool as I’m already designing Presets for Mobile cameras.

Do I think that my iPhone will take the place of my cameras? No. Just like I choose what camera to take on a shoot, I now just increased my choices by 1.

Photo May 09, 2 35 11 PM


There’s a lot of photos out there and even inside and such. We should stay open minded as to what camera is best to use for any given session. One thing doesn’t work for me. A lot of times I carry my camera and make photos using one hand. The other hand has my phone in it and I pretend I’m talking to someone. It’s a very good way to disguise what your doing.


Photo May 09, 3 08 27 PM

I promised Olivier that I’d make an honest effort to use the iPhone as a camera. At first I was reluctant but I’ve come to see the light, once again.

It’s not a hard thing to pursue. After all, a camera by any other name is still a camera. Which brings me to an important point.

What Name does this camera get.


One thought on “Olivier Told Me I Was A 63 Year Old Hipster.”

  1. hi, don – love your writing and pictures, and thanks, man, for inspiring me to buy the ricoh grd4! i´ve used it for only a couple of weeks, trying out some street shooting, and i really love the camera. i also sometimes use my cellphone, a samsung s2, and it sometimes even gives me “better” images than my camera, at least more “alive” and gritty. but the lack of buttons to push and the slow speed when opening the phone´s camera apps makes me almost always reach for my real camera, with which i tend to do all my serious shooting. thinking though of doing a photo project, “forcing” myself to use nothing but the cell phone camera for a longer period of time.

    all the best to you!


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