On The Future Of Inspired Eye Magazine

First off, thanks to everyone for the emails, pm’s, phone calls etc. From Flickr alone I have over 147 mails telling me how nice the mag is and how much it’s needed. You see, I believe that photographers want and need something like this magazine. It, not really about cameras, about Aperture and Lightroom. It’s not about forums, websites camera bags, tripods etc.

I know this will sound crazy but it’s about YOU. Sure it’s about us but us is also YOU. This magazine is about photography. It’s about images. It’s about your fellow photographers and then that makes it about you. Some of  YOU will be in the next issue. Maybe an interview, maybe a photoessay or something else, who knows. Who knows, is the problem.

When we first got the idea to do this, we posted a thread in the now dead Street Photography Forum. The question was this.

Would you like to see the magazine supported by paid subscriptions and minimal advertising or by advertising alone or by a mix of both? Out of 240 people polled, the majority of votes went to paid subscription.

Now most of youse know me and also know that I’m a stand up guy and I help when I can. So here’s the thing that YOU must decide. We have well over 800 copies in circulation and I’m pushing for 2000 by next weeks end. Now that’s a great figure but the paid subscriptions are way, way under what I thought they would be.

I’m not forcing anyone to do anything but this much I will say. In order to be in the magazine in any fashion, YOU must be a paid subscriber. It’s only fair to those that paid a subscription fee because they will be in the list for an interview etc. If $20.00 for the year is a burden for you, please let me know and I’ll donate the subscription in your name.

Thanks for all your support and please try to find the way to support us because supporting us is also supporting YOU.

Go in peace but go with a camera in your hand…..don