Philadelphia … August 28, 2013

08-13-0779These photos were made yesterday. After I got home yesterday I had to wash some dishes, make the bed and a man’s favorite thing in the world to do….. change the cat litter. Oh yeah, talking about getting in to the poopie, well this is the highest form of what that means.

My cats name is Barsik. My wife Tanya tells me that it’s a good Russian name for a cat. I love my cat, he keeps me company while Tanya is away with her family. I feed him, make photos of him pet him and most of all…..clean his toilet. Oh yeah….I’m that guy. Ya know…I wouldn’t mind so much but Barsik just sits there while I scoop the litter and inspects everything I do.

See, he understands English very well. If I ask him if he wants to go out, he walks to the kitchen door and is ready. If I ask him if he wants some food, he goes right to his clean bowl that I was 3xs a day. If I ask him if hes tired, he goes and lays down and takes a nap. He’s a professional sleeper and I’m told that sleeping is a trait that all cats no matter where on the LORDS green earth live, they share that and do so very professionally.

With all this that he has going on, why does he have to sit 1 meter away from me and watch while I clean his S**T?

08-13-0777I notice that many people don’t seem real happy these days. Of course we all know the economy has improved. I mean all the politicians, doctors, lawyers are taking wonderful vacations while the majority of citizens that pay their salary are home cleaning cat shit from the litter. There’s a certain reward in that. NO! Not cleaning the shit but taking paid vacations from people that can’t afford it.

Am I being CRUDE? Maybe….Am I being sarcastic and political, maybe. What’s this got to do with photography?????????????

This attitude is the attitude on the street. That’s what is permeating the air on the street. That’s what shooters are seeing and making photos of on the street.

08-13-0761So the stuff is out there if one chooses to find it. It’s almost impossible to miss it well….unless your a politician, doctor or lawyer etc. If your just a human being, the smell and visual playground of the street is where you will find your work… careful…you’ll probably find yourself out there too. See, the streets are unavoidable because if your a living person, then you’ll find life out there. The street is life.

08-13-0769Well, enuff fun for me. See, Barsik wants a snack. That means I get to lay on the couch and watch Jerry Springer and throw pieces of cat treats to the dining room so that Barsik can chase them and have some goodies to eat. No, I did not train Barsik to do this….I am very open minded and he taught me well. After that I get to go to Barsik’s toilet and clean the fresh new poopie from the litter.

It’s raining out so I can’t go out and make photos so I’ll play with Barsik, think of Tanya and let’s see…hmmmm…0800…time for a Kona.

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