Philly Street … Thoughts With … Olympus Pen EP-5

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo I grabbed Ruth the Olympus Pen EP-5 and an extra battery and a lenspen. The camera has the Lumix 20mm f1.7 II. We headed out the door for the trip down to Center City, namely Market Street. There’s a feeling on the street something like we are all coming out of hibernation. For me it’s like breathing. I met a young shooter from Philly and we chatted for a minute. He had those fancy dancy headphones on. I asked him what he was listening too and he replied 80’s rock. He asked if I listen to music while I work and I said, the street is my music. His head went back a little and his eyes squinted somewhat. He had that look my shrink gives me when he ask how I’m feeling and I tell him I don’t feel. Well, that’s the look.


He asked me if I was nervous about taking photos on the street and I told him I’m an American and I have The First Amendment as my protector.  Then we sat and sipped some $50.00 burnt Starbucks wannabe coffee. He said he likes it and his wife does too and it was then I realized he was more fucked up then me. ….but we got into a conversation about making vs taking photos. Now it was I talk and he listened and sipped the Starbucks rustocoffee. So he wanted to know whar the difference was and could I explain it where it makes sense. So I sipped my spring water with a slice of lemon and started to explain about Intent and the aftermath of it.



After 15 minutes he started to understand and he thanked me for the free lesson. OMG, a lesson, ok dude, your welcome. I didn’t know it was a lesson and then, then all the sudden it occurred to me that everything in the universe has the ability to teach and to learn. So even on the streets making photos the energy you receive is equal to the energy you send. So your intent is to make photos but ya know, you aren’t in it alone. Those that think they ARE EITHER SUPER EGO MANIACS OR JUST FRUSTRATED WITH LIFE. If life is a give and take miracle then it stands to reason that photography is also. So that means that we think we are the origin of our work but that’s not true. We are not alone in life.


Our photographs and I am only talking about photography, are a collaboration between life and ourselves. We hope for and strive to find a synergism with the street and make the photos that represent that synergism. We can not rightfully state that we are the Origin of our work. There are those amongst us that think they are the Supreme Image Maker and that life had nothing to do with their work. Bullshit!

If your out there and your not tuned into life and the street, then you may as well drink that shitty coffee because your better off not destroying your energy. If you are like every reader that ever was or ever will be on this blog, then you are aware that you don’t take any photographs, you collaborate wit Mother Light and The Street and you make your photos.


Tomorrow is another day and if I wake and am healthy, I’m hitting the streets. I hear tell Life is out there and I’m gonna look for it.

…………………………………………………….end transmission……….shooter out…………………………………………………………………


16 thoughts on “Philly Street … Thoughts With … Olympus Pen EP-5”

  1. Thanks for the post Don. Being in Minnesota I can really identify with your comment about ” coming out of hibernation”. Your last shot in this post “Cracks me up”. If I ever get to Philly I would love to run into you downtown while shooting. A coffee or beer will be on me. Take care out there.

    1. Thanks Dave. I kinda aimed Hibernation to your direction and I’ll take you up on the coffee but lunch is on me.

    1. Tommi, thanks. That’s at the Municipal Services Plaza.I was just walking thru the plaza and this guy got his as out and that girl bent down. That and all the things from Alice in Wonderland drew me in. I can’t explain why I made the photo, but the photo explains why it’s a photo.

  2. Another great article Don. I agree with you a photograph is a combination of seeing light and sometimes luck! We just need to be on the streets to make some work and live our egos at Home! Take care and good Luck out there!

    1. Pedro, thanks my friend. It’s a good point about the egos. I try to leave my ego at home but my wife thinks it’s stupid cause when she wants me to take out the garbage, no ego bullcrap…..

  3. Thanks for the post. Inspired and inspiring. The street is my music, indeed. I would also like meeting you some time, but I dont think it’s in the cards, since I don’t live in America.
    All the best.

    1. Thanks Jordi, Never discount the possibilities. The day may come that we sip coffee and make photos. I doubt it bur it’s possible.

  4. I notice in this posting that your B&W images look so natural but the color images look more like paintings & has a less than realistic feel ‘to me’ when I view them. i apoligize if I sound like I’m ranting on ya, I’m not. Is it the camera, post editing, or something else? Just curious..

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