Rainy Day Bluez…….and the Fuji X20 is My Friend……….

No! I’m not starting to do color for myself. I am in the process of making Color Presets that make an image feel the way I want it to make me feel. That’s not an easy task because I’m really not a color shooter.



The content and intent must be supportive to color and visa verse. So I just shoot what I always shoot and let the color pixels fall where they may. I don’t think I’d want to be a generic anything at anytime. So I make things the way I live them.


Take the photo right above…..yeah, that one. See, I was just doing my thing looking for whatever I look for. Then without thinking too much, I raise the camera and breathe and then Click! I was thinking that I liked what was going on. The girl seemed so caught up in her femininity and that of the heads.  I didn’t think about color or black & white until I got the images into Light Room.

Then of course I realized that I am in the process of designing color presets. So, heck….let’s try it. By Jove, I think he’s got it!


It should be noted that the camera in my hand was the Fuji X20.  At no time did it speak to me or cause any intrusion. I don’t treat my camera as a tool. I treat is as my companion on my photographic journey.

More tomorrow…..Good Nite Wouter…..Good Nite Jorge……….

3 thoughts on “Rainy Day Bluez…….and the Fuji X20 is My Friend……….”

  1. I’m curious to see where this goes Streetshooter cuz I don’t think I’ve ever seen a color photo by you! But since I do color I’m looking forward to the presets you’re working on!

  2. Good work Don, I’ll reply to you and Wouter later on this week but ultimately I need to feel the camera. Its hard to explain but I’ll do my best, its about how I feel when I hold it, if it clicks, it clicked if not, then see you later and good luck. So far, I’ve had that experience only a few times . . . more to come in the post.

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