Ricoh GR … Life on Philadelphia Streets Part 2


08-13-0547There comes periods of time for me when I just feel and enjoy what I’m doing photographically. I don’t care about the camera, the processing, the … well anything but the act of making photos. I am in one of those times right now. I don’t know how long it will last but I’ll work it until it’s done.

08-13-0541Funny thing is…. I notice thru the years that these periods come around the time I’m getting ready to teach a workshop. Hmmmm?

Well Olivier, you know that Duong chap from Florida…..he informs me that we are getting ready to go to New York and do some workshop things.  Maybe that sparks some kind of energy in my brain. Maybe it gets my juices flowing…..nah! I’m ready to work anytime, never needed any inspiration or kick in the butt.




It’s times like this I don’t have to answer to anybody. I am free to just breathe my images.

One of them young bands that has all my respect sayz…….:

It’s Times Like This You Learn To Love Again……. I’m on the streets tomorrow morning and will report back with some new images…..


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