Ricoh GR … Life on Philadelphia Streets

08-13-0504Sometimes a man just has to man up and know when to surrender. I did. I guess it’s just the passion and commitment to my work that won’t allow me to just read what everyone thinks about a camera and so, It’s taking me more to embrace the GR than any camera before it.




There’s a vibe on the street. It’s has a changing frequency just like life. It has a sense of humor, just like life. It has a sense of immediacy and with all this going on, the dedicated human with a camera breathes his images. Images come and go just like a breath of air…just like life.


The street is life. If you look close and pay attention you will notice that every little movement that appear insignificant to the untrained eye…is the very movement that causes the finger to hit the shutter. If your not seeing life that way, it’s time to slow down and start because you’ll miss much more than you see and that means many, many photos will never be borne…..

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