Ricoh GRD4 …. is in the Pocket

Making images that reflect your intent and that brings forth your inner vision is what it’s all about. Not everyone is into photography this deep and to those I say, next post will be easier. I’m not a fancy technician at all and I’m just a guy that knows what he wants and finds a way to get it.


This is the DNG exported with nothing done to it.


This is the Ricoh JPG direct from the camera


This is what was in my minds eye at time of framing and release. This processed in LR 4.4 and using my Presets. The Preset is Brownie R. This one is designed to give the appearance of my Portriga prints in my own Brown Developer.

I think that’s Minor White’s shadow but he left before I could make a positive identification. The idea here is to see what everyone else sees with the camera and then to find your visual interpretation of what you are making images of.


This is the DNG file out of the camera. I knew there was a photo happening but had to see it to make it…..


This is the Ricoh JPEG out of the camera. Most would stop here or maybe play a little bit either in or out of the camera.


This is my interpretation of the scene. It’s the same preset as above. No additional work was done other then a pres on the preset name. I’ve worked very hard to get my images to look and feel and breathe the way I want. I’m not trying to sell you presets or anything. I’m only trying to show how to expand your mind to find what lives beyond the surface of your vision.


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