September 13, 2013 ….. A brief Walk with the Ricoh GRD4

09-13-0546So, Olivier got my GR and I got the Zeiss 24mm for the Nex. Fair trade and we would never argue about any values so it’s a done deal. Turns out he sold the GR to a fella here in Philly and shortly he’ll be using that Panasonic LF-1 thing. Anyway, I can honestly say that in no way do I miss the GR or the experience of using it.

09-13-0537The GRD4 will fill the non void of the GR. The thing is for me, the GRD4 has a way of just being there, working and never intruding on the process. I have had a few conversations with the GRD4 and we came to an understanding that both of us can live with. I have to redesign some presets for the GRD4 for low light/high ISO use. I will attend to that shortly.


09-13-0543Nothing like a Self Portrait…yeah, yeah….in the mirror..the guy in the red shirt. You do know it’s Friday and that means to wear a Red Shirt to support the troops.


09-13-0550All in all, the GRD4 is a great camera and I always knew that. I am not rekindling a love affair with the camera because the flame between us never went out.

It’s a crazy thing but I really enjoy the experience using the Nex6 cameras. Regardless of method of focus or lenses, the cameras are up to the task and do it very well. So the GRD4 now moves back to the pocket and of course will be at the ready. My responsibility of making the presets for him will be completed shortly. The Mex6’s will carry the work load because they make me aware of the here and now and make me think as I work. No auto drive for me….I want to claim full responsibility to the intent of the images I make.

09-13-0547Have a good weekend and keep out of trouble………


6 thoughts on “September 13, 2013 ….. A brief Walk with the Ricoh GRD4”

  1. NEX7 vs. NEX6 in the field. I have to revise my preference for the 6. This morning my field was full of beautiful wet orb spider webs. Due to the tall grass I needed manual focus some of the time, and found that it is much quicker and easier to shift between manual and auto focus with the 7 than the six. Of course this is not street work, but it reminded me that the 7 has some things going for it that the 6 misses. I suppose that this would transfer to the street if one wanted to use Sony NEX lenses and sometimes change between focusing methods.

    1. Dan, I admit it’s Friday. I also admit that I’m not the sharpest pencil in the box but I also admit that my Nex6 is different then yours.
      If I use the 24mm or any native lens, then things work as they should and give me quick, accurate AF. If I change to a MF lens, the camera automatically recognizes that and it is instantly in MF with the peaking I set. The Soft B button will run the magnifier and works smoothly. I don’t know how anything could be faster.

      If you want to landline, cell, skype etc….let me know.don

      1. Hey Don, I am not referring to changing to a manual focus lens but rather using the admittedly poor focus by wire on a NEX lens. On the 7 that just means pushing a button, but in the field this morning I could not find how to do it on the 6 without going into the menu. Of course on the street I cannot imagine using focus by wire. It is cumbersome at best, but with things that are not moving it can work. The simplicity of the 6 on the street gives it the edge.

        1. Yo’ Dan….This is the easy part.
          I have the AEL Button to change Focus modes. So with a Native lens on, you just hit the AEL button and the options are right there. AF….MF….DMF….
          It takes a second to switch. This is one of the main reasons I have the Nex6. Changing any configuration is a snap…..
          When you switch to Manual Focus, as soon as you turn the lens barrel, the Magnifier activates and goes off with a 1/2 press…..

          Hope this helps…..don

    1. Wim, the GR has been stripped of its name, fired from the job and sent to another shooter to play its games somewhere s else.

      As far as Tanya goes, she’s in Russia and will be home in 3 weeks……


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