September 1st, 2013


09-13-0001It’s the first of the month and the end of summer is near. The number of tourist will slowly dwindle to just a few here and there. The street vendors will take new positions and try to sell the same old stuff to the same old pedestrians. Alls well so far. Some things don’t change and for the Homeless, this time of year marks the hunt for a winter home, location, shelter, food, medical etc for the upcoming cold air, snow and the uncalled for cold of the more fortunate dwellers of the city.

09-13-0015Photography is multidimensional. For me, I try to get myself into my work regardless of the input or output. I need that feeling of internal connection to where I am, what I’m doing and how I’m doing it. That’s what they call the Here and Now. I call it that too so don’t get it wrong. So making photos becomes an act of something without a restricted boundary.

The idea now becomes to work and get the same level of satisfaction from your photos no matter what they are or what the original INTENT was or is. You are on the way to becoming The Complete Photographer.

09-13-0009What that means is, even if your a street shooter like me, you can find your images anywhere you find yourself with a camera. Sometimes we get into a lull and feel non-productive. Maybe that boundary needs to be stretched somewhat or even a different location, camera, lens, thought train etc. It’s all natural and it’s all good.

09-13-0012 All of the above are just thoughts racing thru my tired mind. Pay no attention to anything I say or do unless you want to because I don’t pay attention to what I say or think and I really should because supposedly it’s my mind doing all this but I ain’t really convinced it’s me anyway.

09-13-0024 If you saw the look of horror in this kids face…..well, what are grandparents for anyways?

Sometimes I think I’m invisible as a shooter. I mean, I’m the man on the streets….no one can see me even when I make a photo….

The next photo is proof of my power of invisibility……


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