September 20th, 2017 … One Shot Per Shoot

The thing abut the streets is, if your really in the streets working and breathing, then you should be aware of your surroundings. I don’t mean like watching out for the criminals or worse, politicians that mean you harm  and try to rip you off. The heck with them. After all that goes without saying. Life 101, watch your stuff cause ya know some one else is watching it.

I’m talking about the here and now and where it is. Maybe I’m just an old cocker and set in my ways but I feel as an observer, the environment is observing me too. I feel energy from almost everything. I don’t mean I talk with buildings and cars and stuff. I’m busy enough talking with my camera.

So Mom the Ricoh GRII and I are walking around. I feel the energy from the buildings kinda calling out to me to make a photo of them. Lonely and sad buildings are. They serve people in many ways and yet we rarely pay attention to them. But I do and feel the buildings energy. The streets call out to walk upon them but not to ignore them. I don’t Anyway, if you don’t pay attention to the energy of all forms of life regardless of what life means…. then when your out working, you may be on the streets making photos but you are not IN the streets.

“LIFE” to a shooter means “STREET”. I say life first before street and you should know why. So anyway, Mom and I are walking on Market Street and going East. I’m on the South Side. I get to 8th St and I turn around and cross the street. I go into the Mellon Center and looking around. Ok, so now I get a little weird but it’s me and I don’t feel weird.  I put my hand against the wall and close my eyes for a second…..then I can feel the energy from the wall and it feels like vibrating a little.

Ok, here’s the point. You can laff about energy from buildings and maybe from streets talking as you walk on the not paying any attention. Maybe you say I’m out of my mind. That’s a shame. See, I know something. I know the the buildings you don’t feel energy from and the streets you don’t pay attention to….well….they will all outlive us. WE will be dust and the buildings will give energy to all that come after us. Most pay no attention to any of this and that’s ok. I choose to live my life believing everything on the planet deserves respect and love and attention.

I was heading down the steps and then saw my shadow with the parts of the building and the shadows it cast and I knew we share light together, I was a part of it all….CLICK!

6 thoughts on “September 20th, 2017 … One Shot Per Shoot”

  1. Buildings are made up of atoms – atoms that are in constant motion. When we look at a building we can get a certain vibe – negative or positive. Don, your above shot captures the interaction between you and the building. When we are out on the street shooting it is not only the people that can “speak” to us. An interesting post Don about the “energy” we can feel on the street. It causes us to put on our thinking hats. Take care out there.

    1. Thanks alot Dave, I’m glad you understand this cause I damn sure don’t….

      Nah, just kidding…. I think the older we get we start to see that we are all one with everything ….

  2. excellent outlook Don, I agree there is energy all around us living things and non as we are all sharing the same space and time and we are working with and against each other continually.

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