September 23rd 2016 .. Happy Birthday John Coltrane


John Coltrane  September 23rd, 1926 – July 17th, 1967 (90)

When I was young, I was into music that was outside the perimeter of my family. I loved jazz and bluez, especially. I would be playing records in my room and listening to Trane and Pharaoh Sanders etc. My brother was an amazing drummer and he listened to similar music and could play it but in the bands, mostly Rock.

For me, light and shadow and space and the absence of space is like music. The framing of the scene is like a piece of music. If you don’t believe this, it’s fine, turn your ears on and listen to Trane. If you do believe this but don’t practice it, go find another blog cause you don’t belong here. No, stay here and open your heart and mind and then close your eyes, turn on Trane and let him turn you on.  When you finally open your eyes, go make photos and maybe you will hear them as well as see them. If you don’t see or feel changes, listen to more music then go out again.

Now I’m not only diggin’ Jazz, I really love some Classical. Ottorino Respighi and his Pines of Rome, will put me down in a heartbeat. Obviously I like the darker side of the arts. Hmmmm, maybe that’s where my feelings for light/shadow comes from or is inspired from. The point is that we can’t control the stimuli that comes from the streets or any outside source.  So, by pre-programming our selves we can get a frame of heart and mind started. We don’t live in a vacuum but maybe we can plant some seeds that will nurture what we do while working.

When I’m working, with my camera…see, I’m always working even sleeping. Well, I see thoughts in my head. Not always images but sometimes, thoughts  that dance in my mind. My shrink tells me that it’s probably not normal but maybe for me so he lets me out and doesn’t keep me inside. So the way I see it, well sometimes the way I see it but not always the way I see it I’m on the street and kinda walking thru a song.


There’s a mystery inside the mind. I guess most seek the mystery of life outside of themselves. I kinda learned that I like to find the mystery inside me outside of me. The difference is in the approach and the stance you take.

Not every  photo we make is exciting but you made it for a reason. It is it’s own reality and we need to examine each one and find the secrets locked inside of it.


I’m tired and my meds are kicking in. I’ll post this and do another over the weekend.

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6 thoughts on “September 23rd 2016 .. Happy Birthday John Coltrane”

  1. I loved that second picture Don! And those black and whites from the Pen F are really interesting. Ended up not keeping mine because I dont like the colors that much, in favor of an X-T2. But, really, always a pleasure to see Philly… a city behind me now since I moved to Los Angeles. Thanks for sharing your work Don!

    1. Talia, thanks for the comment. The Pen F has it’s own look as all other cameras. I don’t really mind the color palate as I change things to the way I feel anyway.
      We here in Philly feel the loss without you here.
      Be Blessed and thanks again.

  2. Recently discovered your blog Don; love your images and your way of thinking about street photography. As a beginner in street photography, I’ve found it inspiring and thought provoking. Thank you
    Ps; Can’t see the last two images for some strange reason.

    1. Thanks Dean. Inspiration goes and comes from many directions and I thank you for your.
      I’ll have the plumber check on the last 2 photos.

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