September 25th, 2013 … Pete Tachauer & Ray Sachs Meetup



The day started early but not too much so. I was at 30th Street Station by 0715. Pete’s train was to arrive by 0830 and Ray said he’d be there by 0815. I figured I had time so I searched for a few photos.

09-13-0763Well, I can’t hardly resist my Dreamcatcher Series. This is the first Dreamcatcher image I found with the Fuji XE-1. That makes me comfortable with a camera that I am not comfortable with. So I wandered over to the door to the outside which is a metaphor for the door to the otherside. All the sudden the light went sky high and the meter went crazy. I raised the camera and thought, it better get this right…

09-13-0765So Pete arrived and Ray, Pete and I set out on out journey to discover the hidden secret photos in Philly.



09-13-0779We walked for miles and Ray & I wanted to make Pete feel at home…………


09-13-0784Sorry Pete….he he…..

3 thoughts on “September 25th, 2013 … Pete Tachauer & Ray Sachs Meetup”

    1. Dan, Ray used the Nikon Coolpix A and the Sony RX-1….Pete used the Fuji X100s and his small compact Canon ^D with the 17-35.
      I used the Fuji XE-1 because I’m testing it but I miss using the Nex 6….but not for long….

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