September 29th, 2013 The Fuji XE-1 and Nex 6 Chronicles

09-13-0972The Nex6 has been a very reliable, trustworthy friend. It’s the kind of camera a serious shooter uses and just makes photos without the crap about this could be better, that should be better etc. The grip is unmatched by any camera without an accessory grip.

It has beautiful files that process in a most natural fluid manner. So why am I even writing about this……? Well, my dear friend Roger saw fit to send me the Fuji XE-1. Oh, he also sent for my pleasure the 18mm f/2 and the 27mm f/2.8.

09-13-0899The XE-1 has pretty much the same specs as the Nex6 but different. There’s one big advantage that I like and that is Auto ISO in Manual mode. Of course just when you get comfortable with that nice feature, the world collapses again because Fuji saw fit to insert the DR feature. No, oh no….DR does not mean Dynamic Range….sheeeesh, it means Don’t Relax. Don’t Relax because now just when you thought that you found your way, ya have to pay attention and thing before you make photos.

09-13-0976Of course the Nex6 won’t give ya Auto ISO in Manual mode and that’s the big reason I dumped the Ricoh GR. So I was asked, Why can you live with the Nex6 with no Auto ISO in M mode and you couldn’t with the GR that has it? Well, the GR uses kinda of Auto ISO in TAv mode but there’s no way to top it off. These are just my findings, so don’t let them sway you from buying a camera. There’s just certain things that engineers work on and don’t understand the way a shooter thinks. Engineers see cameras as marvels of thought and invention. Shooters try to see cameras as friends to make photos with. Of course that’s usually easier said than done…….


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  1. X-E1: in M mode with auto iso, you can use DR200 and DR400 to underexpose 1 or 2 stops to protect highlights. It’s a useful trick ’cause in that mode exposure comp is not working.
    You won’t see a darker image when opening the RAW because LR automatically compensates the exposure, but the highlights headroom will indeed be extended 1 or 2 stops.
    X-E1 is in need of a FW update as the GR is. Exposure comp in M mode and minimum shutter speed in A are missing.
    Newer Fuji cameras have got lower ISO limit and minimum shutter speed, so we can expect similar corrections applied to the X-E1. Maybe change “expect” to “hope”…

    1. Many years ago a wise man told me to not pay attention to many as they know not what they talk about…..
      oh, excuse me…that’s not what he told me….he told me to pay attention to Alessandro…….
      I will try this again today….thanks my friend……

  2. Just caught up on your recent posts after our conversation. Good stuff. When I still played competitive baseball (now many years ago), I always used a Rawlings glove. At one point, I got a deal to wear and display the Wilson brand. I bit and although for some Wilson was their bread and butter, I never warmed up to their fit and styles. A year later, with a few more errors to show than usual, I dropped the deal and returned to Rawlings with no sponsorship.

    It is the same with cameras. Everyone has to look at their individual needs and preferences. What works for me, might not work for you. That is a theme that Ray constantly stresses that sometimes escapes some forum participants on the web that defend their brand preference at all costs.

    Anyway, stay healthy and well. As I mentioned to you, although color is not your natural preference, the bus stop photo is a classic IMHO. I also think the blog fits you as a style to express your philosophy and views vs. the forum option. Remember that many of the best photographers to date (e.g. Ansel Adams) continued to do great photographic works into their old age. There might be hope for us yet! Your thoughts and experiences with photography in general have been an aid and inspiration to me and many others. Please keep up your fine work.

    1. Thanks John. Your thoughts either here or in an analog conversation are much appreciated and regarded in a high fashion. Thanks for the props on the Color. It’s not what I crave but APS-C lends itself so well to it, sometimes I just can’t resist.
      Thanks John and stop by again……..

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