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September 6th, 2017 … One Shot Per Shoot … Leica M

So Andre’ the Leica M 240 and I decided to hit the streets and make some photos. We are walking all over and making a few snaps. See, I wrote about one shot per shoot and it seems I am misunderstood by some. I do not mean to just make 1 frame for the day or shoot. The idea is to concentrate on the here and now and allow the eye, heart and mind to come together and make the photo that makes you happy.

See, if you go out there and just blast away without conscious intent, then the majority of the frames will just be so so. Listen, I love making photos. I need it like air. I love using my camera, cameras. So many times I make photos just to make photos because I love it and because I can. I am old enough that I don’t answer to anyone and that’s comforting. This may not apply to you so just get what I’m saying.

The act of making photos for me and I hope many, is like an experience that equals breathing and feeding life. It is also a highly educational and experimental process. So I urge you to do it as much as you can but!!!!!!! …..absolutely without a doubt, you must be aware of your intent. See, that’s the connecting life line between you and your work. If you ignore, use, abuse, shatter, or any other thing to or against your intent, it’s over.

So back to one shot per shoot. Make as many as you want but your intent should be to get ONE SHOT PER SHOOT that makes you realize the reasons you are a shooter. This process should get you to be more focused and aware of your self as a photographer. This is not one shot per day. You may have some shoots that nothing stirs you, so what. Look at the work and the ones you were on with, check and learn what is going on. Learn, learn, focus, breathe and mak your photos.

Ya know how ya see something and you instantly know there’s a photo there waiting for you…. well…..the photo above…..I walked past, looked at here and lost my breath. I have not seen an Angel since Sau in Vietnam in 1970. (tear in eyes…. heart cracked still) Well I saw this woman and just gazed upon the glow of the angel. I swear she danced for me and then………Andre’ said…..click

17 thoughts on “September 6th, 2017 … One Shot Per Shoot … Leica M

    • Thanks Dave. I write what’s going on inside me and hope it stirs things for others.
      Your very receptive and that’s a good thing.

  1. I’ve read the article second time and most probably will come back to read again. When I read the article for the first time I thought that everything is clear (I got it), especially as it seemed to me I understood what was written about intent. But now when I’m thinking about it, I’m asking myself: what is my intent? And… it seems that this is not an easy question. Or may be it is really simple and it should not be over complicated? If, for example, photography brings joy, could it be considered like intent? These questions I’m writing even not to you, but to myself, I’m thinking about them. Will I be able to find an answer — I don’t know.

    Now, when I read the article for the second time I found interesting thing.

    > The idea is to concentrate on the here and now and allow the eye, heart and mind to come together and make the photo that makes you happy.

    > The act of making photos for me and I hope many, is like an experience that equals breathing and feeding life.

    “concentrate on the here and now” and “breathing” made me thinking about meditation. Basically, you can just watch for each breath and exhalation for some period of time (let say 10 minutes) and I think that would be kind of practice of meditating, i.e. concentration on the here and now.

    • Andrii,
      It’s the awareness of being. It’s too easy to disregard the here and now. Example….oh, next week I will be in a special spot. I think I will be in a better mood tomorrow.
      The idea is to just be alive and aware of what and where you are and most importantly,; have a camera with you.

  2. And now, when I’m thinking about photography like a practice of meditating I become even more confused if considering to conjoin it with intent (goal?). Because meditation looks like to me as the absence of thoughts, but intent (goal) is full of thoughts. You see, that I’ve found kinda of contradiction (it is totally mine which were raised from personal thoughts only), how to exit from it?

          • Thank you Don! In such situations I very often take a look at explanatory dictionary. I think that problem is that English is not my native language and when I take a look at a definition of that word in a dictionary I see many definitions and they are a bit different and many of them could be somehow applied. And that’s what confuses me. For example, mentioned “goal” which is not right. Now I’m thinking on “intent” like “what I want to do with photography” (e.g. bring more beauty to world), “which exactly photography I want to make” (its subject, character, etc), e.g. “intent” defines direction (not the end point like goal).

  3. And… sorry, yet another question

    > One Shot Per Shoot

    Is it good practice for a beginner? I back home from shoot, review photos, select one which I like the most (not just the best), edit it and save?

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