Some more stuff from yesterday

I didn’t have time to process everything yesterday. Now that’s a funny thought to me. I used to run home and soup my negs. Then plan when I could print. There was never enough time to get it all done. Now, with digital…here I am again. I just can’t get it all done.

A few photos demanded my attention. Not just esthetically but because they were perfect test images for my presets. Yeah, yeah….a new set is being cooked…..without onions.

Yeah, of course …. heavy discount code for followers and from Magazine subscribers etc. I’m not here to sell anything, I’m just explaining about these images.

Example # 1.


This is from a version of “Afterlife”. Great preset, I bought it, it’s so good. Sometimes I need to adjust the highs down a little tiny itty bitty bit. ……. then the shadows sometimes need a little raise …. well this is about that.

It’s how I feel when I am in a scene that has a certain light in it. Of course the scene itself must work and this does to my eyes.


Example # 2.


I like GRIT…. GRIT = LIFE!

I had no choice but to make this photo. The entire scene just called to me. When I saw her sweater and the patterns against the windows and buildings…..well….CLICK!  This is from a preset that is modified from a released version named 8th St.


Example # 3.


Can you believe Olivier? I work soooo hard for many hours, daze, weeks etc just to get a preset pack the way I want.

Da kid….yeah da kid comes along, takes preset 7th St Color and makes a variation and by Jove…’s great. I ain’t no fancy dancy color shooter. I’m just a regular B&W shooter that has a fancy for what I have a fancy for.

This preset is the basis for the new color ones in the set. I can’t give him credit cause I’ll never hear the end of it but he done good.

If you want to try a few to see if they work in your work flow, drop me a line anywhere and I’ll get a few to you. No charge for the pleasure of doing so.


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