Sometimes I ain’t working the street….I’m just having fun….but I’m supposed to be working.



So I’m preparing for a few workshops this Spring. I really didn’t want to do any more classes but to be honest, I can’t refuse the money. Now that’s not my only motivation and never was but times being what they are, these pro people can afford the cost and insist on some street classes.



I have to be comfortable with my cameras, my work and myself to be able to get into the ZONE  with this group. I am comfortable, in all respects. What I do is work and get some photos that explain different aspects of being a street shooter. This group of photos explains it very well.






I have one young woman that takes classes and has off and on for 4 years. She’s a Doctor at Graduate here in Philly. She has a great eye but is somewhat intimidated on the street because she’s very attractive and stands out in a crowd. Of course we all know that’s a bad thing on the street. Anyway, she has a hunger for walking on Market Street and making photos. She was using an M9 but I ended that about a year ago. Now I’m not sure what she’s using but she has the gift of being able to get what she wants.

Her photos are excellent.


03-13-0439Self Portrait




It’s nice to have a purpose when your working but really, working for yourself is more important then what you can do for anyone else. This is truth but the best truth is when you work for yourself and others benefit from your efforts. Working from the hearty and having others take your work into their heart… probably won’t get much better then that……







Till we meet again………