Street….Keeping The Familiar Interesting. I’m being ESOTERIC again.



Broad & Chestnut.

I’ve walked past this subway entrance more times in 45 years then I could even count. I’ve worked the streets of Center City for so many years and still, it never fails to interest me with new images. I never feel bored or complacent. I always feel inspired, invigorated and ready for a good long walk. I never fail to find a few photos to feed my soul.




Familiarity breeds contempt. I don’t really agree with that. I think that we owe it to ourselves to see the everyday things in a new way so that, that saying becomes null and void. We are photographers and as such should have the instincts and knowledge to SEE in a way others can’t unless they SEE our photos.


The best photography is about the life we live and how we live it. Even the street isn’t a place you visit, it’s a place you live. I’m not saying that if you don’t live ON THE STREET….you can’t do street. Far from that….it’s about how you relate to the life you live and more importantly how you relate to the life others are living.





 The Liberty Bell

Maybe this sounds kind of esoteric, I’ve been accused of being esoteric, and it is. Street shooting is about finding ones path thru life with a camera. It’s not a struggle. It’s not a battle. It’s a choice each and every street shooter makes. It’s a life decision and we take it seriously. If that makes me ESOTERIC… be it!




Like above….the alternatives are not so pleasant.