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It was hot as hell. I don’t really know that it’s hot as hell cause I hear tell it’s really hot there and I have no desire to find out anyway. So let’s just agree that it’s bloody hot. I’m walking my bloody hot zombie walk and I can’t be satisfied cause I don’t drink beer anymore. The problem is that I drink a lot of water. Yup, that H2O wet stuff. When I’m working the streets, I have a mental map of where restrooms are so I can take a leak. See, water goes thru me quickly. So I try to just drink enough to stay alive and refresh when I get home.

I was getting tired and decided that I had enough for the day. I think I did like 27 frames in a 3 hour period.


So I started to walk to the Elevated entrance at 11th street. As I get close to the stairway, there’s a young woman looking at me like she’s seeing Death. I looked back at her and I felt the same vibe as she did. Now I don’t really know what she was feeling but I felt it anyways. She never took her eyes off me, not for a second. I wasn’t like a sexual feeling, I know that all to well. It was more a lonely feeling and for a brief moment we shared that loneliness together. I made the turn to go down the steps and readied Walker the Nikon Coolpix A and as I started down the steps, I froze and looked her right in the face. Our eyes met as if we knew we would never see each other again and that made us both sad. I raised the camera and as our eyes locked, Walker mad the photo.

I started to descend down the stairs and still her eyes locked upon me. I looked at her and as I was now going out of sight, I saw her bend over and continue to look at me till we both disappeared in the darkness of Humanity. I got on the train and sat back in a seat with a young black girl next to me doing magic on an Android. It amazes me that these things can  even happen on a phone. She looked at me and smiled. I started to check out the photos from the walk and as I did, I notice the girl stopped playing Android and started to look at the screen on my camera. When I got to the last frame, the one above the girl said to me, that’s awesome mister.

seeya tomorrow…………………………………………be safe out there but shit, be yourself……………………………….

8 thoughts on “Street … More Thoughts … More Findings”

  1. Awesome post Don. Great shot and great narrative to go with it. And … I can relate to having a mental map of where the restrooms are when I go downtown to do some shooting. Ah…old age!

    1. Thanks again Dave. I kinda figured you have a take a leak map implanted in your head……..

    1. Keith, as you very well know it ain’t an easy task but one I feel challenged to do. Funny, if I just take a photo, I hardly remember anything but if I make it, I remember the odors all around, not always pretty as you know but I remember them.

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