Street … The Inverse Square Law

I been out there and shooting a lot of photos, well a lot for me at any rate. I think if I make 25 frames on a walk-a-bout, that’s a lot. I hear tell from others that 25 is a smoke break. To each his/her own, right. The thing for me is to really be aware or to be in the here and now and aware of being there. Armed with the tools of the trade, Eye, Heart and Mind and the Intent might get realized.


Well, I been in and out of City Hall making photos for over 45 years. I used to go on top of  Uncle Willie’s hat but that was a long time ago. More recently I got first hand tours of closed off offices from Edmund Bacon. He loved City Hall and instilled that love into me. In fact he planted the ideas and concepts of Architecture  and City Planning in me as we walked on our tours of the city in search of photos I could make that reflected his thoughts for our unpublished book.

I had Walker the Nikon Coolpix A with me and we were snapping photos as we found them and then we decided to walk thru the passageway under neath the building. Now I walked thru here more times then I can remember and I’m not counting. The light under here has captured scores of shooters and many photos have been made here.

George Krause, Ray Metzker and many others have made photos that I have been captivated by. Any way,I have decided to apply the inverse square law and live by it again. That means shooting less and getting more satisfaction from the work. It’s not that I shoot alot, I mean almost everyday but not alot of frames. I’m looking for that one shot that turns me on.

The one above in one of thos photos.

seeya tomorrow……………………………………………………..shooter out…………………………………………………..

10 thoughts on “Street … The Inverse Square Law”

    1. Thanks Keith, makes my day.

      ps.. I didn’t forget the Kona. I have an argument with Len and we haven’t talked. I need a new batch so I need to mend things, quickly. As soon as I do, yours will be on the way.

  1. My previous comment was cut off. Would have been a more interesting blog post had you provided a link to the history of Philadelphia’s City Hall and a definition of Inverse Square law. This seems to be a repost from a blog, so perhaos your followers are familiar with Philly landscapes. Nice image and you are correct – one could spend decades photographing this architecturally significant building with an art pedigree.

  2. I love the picture. Very cool. It’s more about quality than quantity although I have to admit that unless I take at least 50 photos in a day, I consider it a waste for me to have gone out. My reasoning is that I’m probably going to get rid of almost half, if not half of my shots so I want to have something other than 10 or so pictures.

    1. Thanks Tina. When I did film with my Leicas, I had a goal of 5 rolls of 36exp for a days shoot. I would develop the negs, make contacts and then edit and print. It was all very time consuming and I cherished every heartbeat.
      Now, I love digital because I have almost instant gratification. For me that means that I can SEE my work clearer and focus on that clarity. So I don’t like a lot of rubbish surrounding the photo I’m trying to find and make.
      Have a blessed Memorial Day weekend.

      1. I hear ya. Time consuming and also expensive at times. If you’re shooting film, if someone walks into your shot, or it doesn’t turn out the way you wanted, or whatever, you’ve just wasted a shot. With digital, if any of those things happen, you can delete the picture and it won’t cost a thing.

    1. Jordi, yup, it’s a great camera and still no dust on my sensor and I pocket it all the time.
      Enjoy yours, peace…..don

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