Looking Back


I often wonder about what people are seeing when they look at me. I mean, photographers go around looking and seeing photos that they want to make. We ain’t go no damn photo takers around here. We are all photo makers, right? So I wonder about what others see that aren’t photographers. We ain’t the only ones with eyes. I bet there’s many out there with eyes and many that see too.

So I think a camera doesn’t make us special. It makes us photographers but we have to share the gift of light. We have to give respect to those that look at us. Then we need to really give respect to those that look at us while we make  photo with them in it.

I think this isn’t any kind of magic remedy for making photos on the street of strangers.


The issue as I see it is….many teach that you need to be assertive or confident on the street to make photos of people. I guess if you see people as objects or subject matter, that may hold true. I mean, damn, it’s just a guy there like the wall or anything else there. Ya know, I guess I’m a shitty teacher. I never want people i work with to see people as subject matter or objects to take pictures of.

For me, working the streets,hey…hey, I don’t work the streets like that, not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s more a a meditative state that I get into. See, I realize that anything I use to make photos is a part of life in one way or another and maybe even my life. I see photography as a collaboration. It is in many ways. I collaborate with my camera, of course there is a name, then the light, the reality that attracts me and that I desire to do magic with to make a 2 dimensional reality called a photograph.

Everything in life is a collaboration of some sort or another. Breathing is with the air, the lungs, heart unless your a politician, then the heart does not exist. Everything in life and especially photography for those of us that are blessed with sight and the will and drive and talent to pursue the art of seeing and capturing what we see.

The real beauty for photographers is that hopefully, we are aware of the gift and the gift of collaboration and we get to appreciate it all.

I often wonder about what people are seeing when they look at me.





7 thoughts on “Looking Back”

  1. Never thought of it that way before Don. But you’re right…it is a collaboration between us the photographer and the subject we are trying to capture – with the help of light. And I think that when as a photographer on the street in the “zone” or “meditative state” as you call it I am more “aware” of my surroundings. As you say…others out there also have eyes to see but when I am with my camera I am on a different level of awareness. Love the shot of the guy in the Hoodie – those eyes! Take care out there.

    1. Dave, thanks again. That ZONE is what it’s all about and I am sure you understand that. I like to think all or many do also, but when I meet shooters, I learned they don’t. Just caught up in the gear and the romance of being a shooter.
      Anyway, back to the grind here and getting the blog back in shape….. Have a blessed weekend…..

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