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See, Andre’ the Fuji X100s was passed on to Olivier. Then I started missing him instantly. When we took Olivier and Andre’ the Fuji X100s to the airport, I had a sick feeling and a feeling of loneliness inside me. I felt empty.

Then as Olivier jumped out of the car, I felt a presence inside my soul. I knew who it was. Quickly I ordered a Fuji X100T and in a day, it was here. I loaded it with a fresh charged battery and turned it on…..

Then, then by the grace of Mother Light, I felt the presence do kinda like Astral Travel from my soul to the Fuji X100T and it gave life to the empty camera.

I watched as Andre’ did his magic to the camera. Now here’s the thing. Fuji cameras are wonderful and do a great job but they come alive when working with a shooter that gives them a name and creates a synergism with them. I did that, well Andre’ and I did that.


Part of the idea of naming a camera is to:Unite the eye, heart and mind with the process of photography. Sure, you can be a knucklehead and just meander thru life and just not be so attached to everything. That’s called, it’s your life so do as you please and just leave me alone. procedure.

I see it like this. Andre’ is not just a camera. He’s a metaphor for my existence as a photographer. So, when I say Andre’, it means every facet of my photographic life.  Why do I do that? Why shouldn’t I and why don’t you. When there is an attachment like this, for me, it’s let’s me become at one with what I’m doing. It is a conscious awareness of the eye, heart and mind in the here and now.

I have had many cameras in my life but never kept a single one that didn’t allow me to name it.


Besides, we all need a place to put the guilt or blame for things, right? When a shot don’t turn me on, it’s not my fault, it’s Andre’s or another camera I was out with. See, not so stupid, huh, huh?

I hope you all have a blessed weekend, and life but really just this weekend and it becomes very productive cause I only get so many blessings to give out and can’t keep them so I pass them on to all youse and yes I may be crazy butt it’s all about life and being awake while you live it cause when we are dead I don’t think there’s battery chargers up there or down there so let’s keep things together here……



8 thoughts on “Fuji X100T”

  1. My X100T is the first camera I’ve ever named. Frank and I have been taking long walks lately, nothing great yet, he needs to be more observant. I listened to a a couple episodes of you guys old podcast today, you should start that back up, pretty good stuff.

    1. Hey, thanks for the props on the PodCast. We are working on a workshop and as soon as it’s finished, we will start them again.

      Frank is a solid name for your friend. As far as getting nothing yet, good idea to delete the preconceptions of what NOTHING is. Then maybe you’ll see something.

  2. My 2nd Canon Mark III was the first camera I ever named but I just didn’t connect with it anymore. I passed the name, Bea, on to my 2nd Sony A7Rii because the name Bea is an acronym for three very special people in my life. I feel a lot more connected to the Sony now that she has a name.

    1. I’m glad you and Bea found each other and now learning to live with each other. I think this is a strange thing to say but I know that you get it. I love Sony Cameras, there’s something awkwardly special about them.
      Good light my friend….don

  3. Great post…. I’ll be in Philly this weekend to try out my FujiX100t. I’ve had it for a couple of months and really haven’t put it to work. The goal will be to put it to work as well as to come up with a name.

    1. Well, if your in Philly, if ya wanna meet up, let me know. I can’t publish my number here cause the Dems and Reps would call trying to hook me.

      1. Don, If you’re free, I would love to meet up for a cup of coffee and pick your brain as well as hear your thoughts on South Philly. Was there last weekend and it motivated me to start shooting again. I got this late 90s early 2000’s Brooklyn vibe.

        1. Well, I’ll try. My wife doesn’t bug me during the week at all but I usually spend time on the weekends with her.
          I’ll see how things go.

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