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Tanya is the dedicated homemaker both inside and out. She gives life to the garden and everything growing and also to me. I am no easy task for anyone but Tanya has that Russian upbringing and that seems to work. Between her and my Doc at the VA hospital, I have it well under control. Look, I don’t mind doing the dishes. I’m actually very good at it. When I’m tired of doing them, I’ll leave a small piece of food on a dish and that’s it…..I now have a few days off from that chore…..

“Go use your cameras, do something constructive. ” Okie…. so anyway, she bought some Orchards and we are seeing how we can keep them alive. I am seeing how many photo I can make of them as they change shape day by day. Flower and plants are children. We need to nurture them so that they nurture us in different ways. Our veggie garden will provide nice things that will be better than anything that could be bought in a store. The flowers nourish my heart and soul.


As far as making photos goes, I m kinda burnt out on the street. I feel that I need a new location to work but I know that’s not it at all. I just need to readjust my frame of mind so that my mind can see the frame in a way that excites me again. Until then I usually get depressed and complacent with everything again. The garden for me is a go to eye, heart and mind refresher. So I might be a little slow on posting for a little bit and then again, maybe not.

All I know is, I’m in the September of my years and I ain’t wasting any time being depressed or lazy.It’s gonna be the Ricoh GRII for a spell cause Ricoh has always been my go to camera for just being in the moment, wherever that may be.

Seeya’s in a few days… peace and be blessed all…..

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  1. Would love my own little garden … Last year I had some tomato and chilli plants on my balcony. Best I ever tasted, came reaping time. I am actually a little tired by my streets. Wanna go out into the woods, like Mike Penn. Or the archipelago. Maybe next month. Thanks, Don.

    1. Tommi,
      I get that. I mean change is good for everyone. I’m at that point myself but I change more than location. I work to change my way of thinking.
      Well, why else would I send my brain on vacation.

  2. I sometimes get a little bored with the same old streets around OKC. My girlfriend, Shannon does art quilts so instead of a garden, I got to her building out back and shoot different shots of those. Its interesting see her quilts go from an idea to thousands of stitches and a multitude of colors. Kind of like a seed to a full grown plant I suppose. My GR II is also my go to camera but I’m still struggling with a name for her. I enjoy reading your posts and miss the days when you don’t put something up. I find depression and laziness are far too easy for me to fall into if I don’t keep myself busy. Take care.

    1. Yup. We need a diversion from time to time. Laziness, depression, getting complacent, all take a toll on our energy and vision. The GRII is a worthy companion but not for everyone.

      A name huh? Ya know, maybe a name is right in front of you especially when she’s making those special quilts, just sayin’.
      Thanks much and I’ll keep the post going, don

  3. Do, as one who is also in the September of his years I get what your saying. We all need a mental reboot at times. My GRV is my constant companion because you never know when that great opportunity may pop up right in front of you. For what it’s worth … your blog/posts help keep me photographically nourished. Both visually seeing the images you post and mentally reading what you share of your thoughts on photography. Take a break and be refreshed!

    1. Thanks Dave. I’m not sure what kind of break now how long the undefined break should last. I’ll think about it as I walk and work today.

    1. Well, That’s what a stranger in a strange land might think….. I suppose it’s right Sean…..

  4. And you still send wonderful shots…………the delicacy of the orchid shot……..other is wonderful too……….brains turn off and renew in gardens……..i know………..s

    1. Thanks Sally. I had a 20 x 24 print made for one of my Japanese collectors. She absolutely loves it. Her statement was “such a delicate image from such a warrior”

  5. It’s the white on white…….and the everything……..very Nippon……just fantastic…………s

    1. Sally, yes very elegant. Most don’t get a shot like this. But then they don’t get the Angels or magic either….

  6. I know exactly how you feel. Even in a place as populated as Manhattan, it does get a bit stale here from time to time. That’s why I’m so glad Coney Island is booming again with this warmer weather.

    As for planting, it is very relaxing and the veggies taste so much better than anything you get in a supermarket. My brother started growing and canning his own vegetables in his backyard and they taste so good. Stay relaxed my friend.

    1. Coney is a place that inspires shooters and the underlying feelings of the people there show how well they insulate themselves from what’s going on in their life. If you can feel that, you find very interesting photos.

      Good light Tina, I’m going out to the garden.

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