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They say that a picture is worth a 1000 words and that may be true but pictures don’t hold the viewer for the time that words do. They bot provide info to the viewer and both are beautiful so I suppose that’s what they compliment each other so well. This may be an observation others have had also, not sure. So I think I will just post some photos and then write my thoughts and feelings about them.

So I was in the Historic District walking around and there are always tourist from all over the world. For me, the tourist I get excited about the most are the Monks. Maybe not just Monks but those of the Spiritual and or Religious order. I am immediately humbled in presence of Tibetan Monks. I always bow my head and feel that the good of the universe is close by when I do.  I walked by close to these 2 Monks, smiled and they smiled back. The one with the lighter robe looked at me and I realized he recognized my VietNam Veterans hat.

A few minutes later after walking around, I saw them again but this time in front of Independence Hall. I moved behind the carefully and as I did they were talking about the mysteries of photography and how this stupid camera worked. See, I don’t understand Tibetan language but we all know Photography is a universal language. I am pretty good in that language and as I got closer, Andre’ the Fuji X100s shaked in me poor hand and insisted we make a photo and we did. Then the Monks turned to me and without saying a word, handed me the camera and I went to the menu and put it in Single Shot. I made a photo of them with their camera and then we bowed and went out separate ways.

Believe it or not, every single breath of life has it’s own Zen to it. You may or may not believe that but it’s true. The faster we as Humans do believe that the more delicate and special each breath of life becomes.







The above images are some of the breathes I had recently.

12 thoughts on “Streets of Philadelphia … A Visual Diary … Page 1”

  1. Nice images.

    Really nice words, as well.

    I think the best images and photographs, like the best words, share at least one thing – they are often not merely literal….but evocative. Evoking things which maybe one doesn’t ‘get’ right away – thoughts, feelings, emotions, sensations. Absences. People. Places.

    Thank you not only for the photos – but for also jump-starting parts of my Zen mind today 🙂

    1. Miguel, oh my…I had no idea that this post could jump start you. That’s nice because you just gave me a firm kick in the butt to continue. I will try to provide an interesting post whenever I do post.
      Thanks y friend, don

  2. hi don

    been pretty busy and had fallen behind so was catching up on your last 4 or 5 posts. but in the same way i like to save gift cards for their potential, i knew i was sitting on something good with your posts… and you did not disappoint. i really enjoy your images and the the stories behind them. i want to give an extra thanks for this post, and the recent one of the “lonely” lady watching you. i agree with the android user, “awesome, mister.”


    1. Thanks marke. We were all sitting around wondering. “Where’s marke” was asked more then a few times.I kind figured you were busy and doing life’s works. It’s not a issue as we all get to that place. I’ll tell the group your in catchup mode so everyone can relax. We don’t need any upset shooters ’round here.
      Take it easy mark and thanks for being a loyal reader, it means more to me then then you will ever know.

  3. You keep freely giving encouragement and inspiration, and I thank you for that. As for words, I do think that an image is worth a 1000 words, and a word is worth a 1000 images: think “train”, think ” sea”… Weird but true.

    1. Jordi, thanks for the comments and nothing is weird to me. Ya know inspiration ans encouragement is a reciprocal process. So I post something and you get what I’m saying and that feeds me to do more . That’s not weird, that’s Karma.
      Seeya soon my friend.

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