Streets of Philadelphia … A Visual Diary … Page 10 … Dealing With the Mundane


There are more commonplaces then exotic places or at least it’s easier to get to the commonplaces. Yup, nice to get to some place different and feel visually invigorated and ready to make lots of good photos. We all love doing that and prolly would always do that if there were no restrictions placed upon us.

What happens when you get home? Well, you get to LR or whatever and process the images and the feelings of excitement are reborn. Memories are rekindled and we feel like Mother Light has blessed us again. Then we go to bed an dream of all the exciting things we just did and we wake up at home on the streets we work a million times.

We see it coming. Oh yeah, running right up our butt, Mr Complacency. He’s gonna get into our vision and thoughts really quick. He will rattle our cage and make us feel awful and not wanting to work much at all. He is very strong willed and forces his opinions on us at will and it’s in a way that we have to obey.

We go out to work and we see the same Mundane places and people that we see all the time. Jimi yells down from above…”ain”t no life nowhere”. He’s right to a degree. See, what I think is that I need to be strong enough to battle Mr Complacency. It doesn’t matter who wins, just the battle matters. During the battle I feel alive, my juices flowing. My enemy Mr Complacency watching my every move so he can cut me with the sword of boring complacent existence.

I stand at the battlefield and know that I will fight the good fight and find beauty and understanding on the path to Mother Light.


Most of us are taught to see the world as if we are seeing it for the first time. I like to see the world as if I’m seeing it for the last time. Here’s my thinking on this.

Seeing the world for the first time, for me, implies that I have Virgin Sight. I look at the world or the subject I want to make a photo of as if I am seeing it for the very first time. Fresh and excited. Seeing something as if I am seeing it for the last time, for me, means… that I can invest my memories of life into the scene and hopefully when some viewer sees the photo, they get to see a part of my life experiences in it. Maybe whats more important is that when I see the photo, I see some of my life in it.

So, the role of the shooter could be to make photos that pleases others. This is a very powerful role, no doubt. It is one that must be worn with caution. I think the real role is to make photos that have meaning to our Heart and Soul. Maybe is sounds self pleasing or selfish but life is not to be taken lightly. We all have a marked time for the exit procedure. We don’t have the knowledge of when or where the exit will happen but live with the idea that it will in time, hopefully a long time. no guarantee.


There once was a Psychiatrist named Dr Murray Banks. He recorded records back in the vinyl age and he had a statement on one album… “As you go through out your life, brother whatever be your goal, keep you eye upon the donut and not upon the hole”.

I’m heading out for some photo donuts…… be blessed on your journey my friends…………………………………

7 thoughts on “Streets of Philadelphia … A Visual Diary … Page 10 … Dealing With the Mundane”

  1. “American Icons”… Great idea! Reminds me a bit of Robert Altman’s Short Cuts movie, subtitled “the Americans”. Don, what is your feeling about the XPro-1 almost four years after it’s release? Thnaks for sharing your great work!

    1. Talia,
      Thanks for the comment. The XP1 is an amazing camera. I had 2 and they were great friends.I found the finder frame to be very accurate and that reduces stress for me. The only issue I had was the weight. I would wear it in a neck strap and well, I had problems.
      But I must say, the 2 lenses that are not rated the best are the best for vision. The 18mm and 27mm. Oh my…….

      1. Thank you for your input Don! Right now, two serious camera stores in NYC sell the X-Pro 1 + 35/1.4 + 27/2.8 for less than 1K… Makes me want to ditch my Canon, even though the Fuji is from 2012! Did you ever tried those sling strap instead of neck straps? Apparently they are quite convenient, having the camera at you hand, ready to be risen up, and they elevate the weight off the neck by transferring it to the shoulder.

        1. Talia, yes that’s a great deal. All you need is the 18 and your good. Don’t listen to the ppl about sharpness whatever. The 18 & 27 are[perfect together.
          That gives you 28mm & 40mm which is a Ricoh shooters dream. Good luck and plz keep me posted, I am interested.

          1. Will keep you updated Don! BH rep scared me a little about plastic looking/waxy looking skin tones tho, especially at higher ISOs. What do you think? They might try to sell higher priced cameras!

          2. Talia, that doesn’t seem to be a problem here on earth. Down below, in salesman hell, they want you to buy the newest version. The XP-1 is a great camera. I miss mine but can’t wear them.
            Be blessed Talia., don

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