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I’m in the …  it’s friggin hot outside what the hell you doing walking the streets with a camera mode shooter? Well, I guess I am a creature of habit. I mean where else would I be and what else should I be doing? Dunno, I don’t know either. Tanya does, oh yeah. She thinks I should be mowing the lawn, or fixing the hole on the wall, or doing the dishes, whatever.  In a way she’s got the right idea. I mean making photos or any art form requires imagination and the struggle to create. Doing the dishes is a perfect example.


So, standing in the kitchen at the sink, washing dishes is supposed to be therapeutic. I don’t get it but I get really clean dishes. I guess it’s the mindless way of being that allows the imagination to spring forward and begin free thought. It’s at these moments that I get really focused on what I have in my collection and in my mind. I go over what’s been ticking in my brain and try to understand the meaning of it all. I never get an answer because I don’t like asking questions of myself and I don’t like having to come up with answers, especially because in time, they will change anyway.

Maybe it’s not just washing the dishes but allowing a time to reflect. At these times, I always think about very heavy important things about my photography like why do I keep buying camera bags and straps? It will take many dish washing sessions to get a true answer to that. The point I’m making in a round-a-bout shooter way is, that it’s all in the mind.



Reflecting, what an interesting concept. I remember Ding McNulty, telling me how to sort my work and make a map out of it. So I would go home and lay print out on the floor but couldn’t grasp the concept.My daughter was around 4 at the time and she comes over and she stands there looking. Alright, get this shit straight. I’m at the Museum and Ding is helping me. I come home and  Bethany, the 4 year old curator is standing over my work.

Don’t laff, the story is not over. One of the things we did with our kisa was to teach them anything we could afford to. We had the kids version of Scrabble. Bethany is standing there with the Scrabble board in her hand because she wants me to play and I do always and so did my wife. She was most attentive as I was doing photography.

I look at the board and I look at the floor and all the sudden, I see the road map for my work. This entire process happened in a few minutes and it’s been with me forever.


The format. Take your prints and lay the out horizontally and make sure they are working together. You have to do that part. Then pay attention for an image the fits in the group but has other things going on. This image is a transition image. Place it in the group and fit it where it works best. Then as you look at your images try to see what goes in the horizontal row and then… find some that work with that transitional image and work a line vertically from that image. Keep grouping images like this and visualize a Scrabble Board After a while, you should see your body of work and what interest you.


There is always a catch right? Well, so far I have not been able to figure out how to do this on  PC screen. There really is no better way to organize and because of that I have even lost my way for the past 3 or 4 weeks. It’s hard for me to see where I was, where I am and where I need to go. I can’t blame my loss of work energy to just this can I? Hell yeah I can and I am.

I’ll be back and it will be sooner or later. I’d like to thank all those that wrote me being concerned for my absence. I appreciate everything from everyone.

Thanks, be blessed on your journey………shooter out………



14 thoughts on “Streets of Philadelphia … A Visual Diary … Page 11”

  1. Glad you turned up again, Shooter! Was worried…..

    And you are right about the road map, about finding a way among your pictures. Making sense of what and why we shoot.

    It’s not always easy, depending on what life throws at you, but photography always comes through. Perhaps changed by our experiences, but it is always there to keep the mind from overloading.

    Thank you, Shooter!

    1. Thanks Frank. Ya know to be honest. I speak for all mankind ever lived or ever will with this. Ys sit around and think, if da wifey would go on vacation for a month, I’d have peace and quiet and I could do everything without interruption. Yes, yes a dream come true. Wifey says she’s going to visit family and would i be ok without her for a month?
      Now there comes a time in a mans life when a dream really comes true. This is one of those times.

      She leaves and first 2 days I’m all in, I mean I’m eating water ice , nice steak,(don’t eat beef) cleaning the cameras and I’m ready for the street… well, it’s bee 15 days and I ain’t worth shit without here here. I’ll try again tomorrow but without the struggle, it’s hard to be really creative.
      Less is more and more is less and that’s the Inverse Square Law, and it’s beating my ass.

      See, if she’s here I might manage 1-2 hours in a day ti work and i am extremely productive…. now I have all this time on my hands, I’m watching CNN……

  2. Morning “Street”. Nice to see this post today. I don’t know about washing dishes but I do know that if someone at my house doesn’t do them the kitchen begins to smell and the dog starts looking for another plate to lick. (;>)

    1. ahhh, yes The SGT MAJ of The Fort Home. She is a wizard for sure. Just to be able to harness a Marine and his cameras…. I have all respect for her….

  3. WoW… this is amazing…my friend and I were talking about this last night.. he shoots and prints and has done for 30yrs.. we were ‘sorting’ prints last night and it is JUST how you describe it! but we couldn’t put it into words~

    1. See Anne you and I are on the same wave length… we didn’t know it but we bee fer sure. TY….

    1. Thanks Pedro, I have no intention of ever giving up working. I just get into a state of apathy with my subject matter and of course it’s all that matters fault that I am not at my prime. But I am anyway and just maybe lazy to really see out there but I will be getting my strength back and soon. Thanks my friend, you are a good guy Pedro.

  4. Good to see a post Don. Ya … I know sometimes it’s hard to keep those creative juices flowing. Lately I just haven’t had the energy to get out and simply shoot. I’m sure you’ll work your way thru this. I know you also have the pressure of putting out The Inspired Eye. Whatever Don … take care out there!

    1. Thanks Dave. There are times of drought and when I get them, I don’t know how to relax with it. But like you stated Dave this too will pass, kinda like my ex wifes……

  5. It is as you were describing a process of sequencing…which is reccomended to do when making a photobook or some series…I did it on PC.

    1. Pavel, yes, it is sequencing but for your body of work, not just an exhibition. Doing this will show the path you were on, travel now and where you may be heading.

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