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There’s something about Penelope that just takes me and gives me a sense of freedom that no other camera can do. I have been known to call the Ricoh GRD 4 a camera killer and it very well could be. Penelope is intoxicating. I have this feel of freedom and I just enjoy making photos and don’t really get too concerned about if they work for others or not. Of course, she can really nail it also but for right now I am enjoying just being with and spending time with her.


Look, I love my other cameras too but Penelope hasn’t been out in a while and she’s upset. She’s the only female camera I have and I do feel bad that I haven’t been paying attention to her.

The Fall is here in Philly and now the light gets interesting, people start to bundle up a little more, things are getting ready for the upcoming holiday’s. For me, it’s a good time  to work cause I love the change of seasons. I guess that’s why I am out withPenelope, the change is needed and welcomed.


I’m looking forward to the next few days to see what the GRD 4 brings me. I know one thing. When I bought her I had the choice of Black or White. I ordered Black and then it hit me, White will let me be more like a tourist so I changed the order to White. I love being a tourist and looking like a tourist. We are all tourist thru life, no one gets a permanent visa.




I feel glad to be alive. I feel glad to have a full stomach. I feel glad to have a few bucks in my wallet. I am even glad to have some bucks to spread around the homeless people. I love photography.

I love Penelope the Ricoh GRD 4 and the relationship we have together.


Well, gotta continue the journey and hopefully I will not forget an extra battery…..

I bow to youse all fine peoples and thank you for being here and reading this stuff…..

enough mushy shit…. go make photos, see ya’s tomorrow

14 thoughts on “Streets of Philadelphia … A Visual Diary … Page 29 … Street … Breathe … Ricoh GRD 4”

  1. Your posts always give me a much needed reminder on how we should appreciate life more. I have a tendency to focus on the negative when I should be reminding myself of all the good things I’m lucky enough to have in my life, however small they may be.

  2. Thanks for another inspiring post Don. I have the GRD4 and GRDV and just love them for street. As you say – they let you concentrate on getting the shot without fiddling with the camera.
    That Frankford Transportation Center looks like a great place to hang out and grab some great images as it is bustling with activity. Take care.

    1. Thanks Dave. I know you have the GRD4 but didn’t know about the GR. I had a few copies of that and likes it but had issues. No need to go into that now. Enjoy Bro….

  3. Hi Don. I actually found a new white GRD4 this summer for only £200. I was worried it was a mistake about the colour. How wrong was I. To me it handles and feels so much better than the abrasive black finish. I’m now on the lookout for a Green GR !

    1. Gary, good deal on the GRD4. It is a nice feel and for me it’s more feminine and Penelope likes that. Te GR has skins available of all sorts. Green is out there but not common. Good luck.

    1. Thanks, Paul. Ya know, the twitter dudes and dudesses pointed me to you also, but I didn’t want to bother you. I’m glad we found our way. It seems that like minds and hearts do find each other in the vast abyss of nothing.

      1. Hey Don..sorry Just saw your comment here…my wordpress blog is virtually dead and I have come here to try to revive the poor thing. I mainly live on my blogger blog…Yes glad also. And i am honored others have seen me and told you. I like your posts VERY much and just was on your blog commenting as well today…peace brother!

        1. Thanks Paul. Oh, I’ll be bothering for sure. See, we have like minds so I can let mine take a rest and we can both use yours…..

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