Streets of Philadelphia … A Visual Diary … Page 3


The streets were bopping like crazy today. I was all over and just had the Oly Pen EP-5 with the Lumix 14mm.  This camera is not hard to take but very hard to NOT fall in love with. Ever since I started using it again. it’s fast becoming my favorite. Many ppl ask me what kind of camera it is and when I tell them it’s digital, they just can’t believe it.

I have a thing for passing thru. What I mean is, if you’re on the street, well, things kinda stay consistent and stable. I mean generally, the light is stable, the energy, the traffic, etc. Then you walk thru a passage like, doorways, tunnels etc and things change. For instance, on the street it was 90F and very humid. I passed thru the magic door to the Market and instantly the temp dropped to around 78F and very low humidity. I always wondered how they did that. Some say it’s air conditioning but I don’t believe that. I mean can mankind control the weather. They can’t predict it so how do they control it. This Philly boy ain’t so dumb. I know they have tricks I tell ya and can change the weather.

So passage ways are places where a street shooter must pay attention to. If you just respond to the moment as if you never passed thru, you are bound to miss the magic on the other side. The guy above was sitting illegally next to me at the Oyster bar.  Then he got up and walked to the passage and I raised my camera. Walker the Oly Pen-5 was ready and as the guy was transforming to go to the other side, he looked back at me as if to say, I will miss sitting with you but a new adventure awaits me on the otherside. Take it easy streetshooter my illegal oyster bar sitting friend. Click!


There’s a poetry in life that sometimes grants me a quick glance of it. I don’t get this too often but when I do, I hope to have my camera with me.

I was on the Elevated Train and it was crowded as usual. I had my Pen around my neck and these 2 girls were looking at me and the camera. I popped the screen down and looked down at it and waited. Then all the sudden it was as if time was slowing down and all things in and around me were becoming one. The this girl made this crazy face and I knew that it was the one needed for my photo. The thing is that as I felt all things around me and everything coming together, it’s not because of the photo, I needed a toilet real bad. Yes.I felt the stirring very strong but it was in the wrong place, The Horror.

Go in Peace my friends but be smart. Always know where the toilet is out there. More Important then not knowing.

Seeya later today…………………………………………………….. end transmission…………………..

4 thoughts on “Streets of Philadelphia … A Visual Diary … Page 3”

  1. “Always know where the toilet is out there” Sage advice for all streetshooters out there Don. If you don’t … you may truly find out what “The Decisive Moment” is all about.

    1. Wow, I been many things to many people but awesome is pretty damn good. Thanks…I’m tellin’ da wifey.

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