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Sometimes I am very lucky and I feel Mother Light blessing me. I mean it’s like I am not just connected with my vision but also my Mind and Heart. I have this warm feeling of being alive and of being aware that unto Mother Light, I have value that transcends my awareness of myself. It’s not about me being a photographer anymore but about me finding my humanity and having a camera in my hand. Why do I care about this stuff? Well, I suppose that I like to be in touch with my place in the universe and not to disturb anyone else’s. That’s not an easy task but I try anyway. I guess that if I feel some kind of cosmic connection, then maybe finding a connection down here on Earth might be easier to maintain.


Photography is about Intent. Photos are the realization of intent or the failure of the realization of intent. There are many ways that a camera can help or hinder the process. For example: The GRD4 for me is and always was a perfect union between photography, the camera and me. Other cameras are also but I’m talking about the GRD4 at the moment. When I have Penelope with me, there comes a peace of mind and heart. Other cameras also give me that or I wouldn’t have them. The thing is, the little lady Penelope fits in my pocket also. Hey, at my age, it’s nice to have a little lady in my pocket.

I think that after careful evaluation for many years, it appears that Penelope gives me peace that no other cameras ever did. Of course I love them all and they are wonderful friends but as far as the work goes. Penelope makes everything alright. I never care about what anyone says about about the photos. Well, that guy over there, I value his opinion and then there’s Tina, I must always respect Tina. I respect everyone actually but Penelope lets me respect myself enough that I don’t allow any judgement from others have a negative or positive impact.


With most cameras, I am aware that I am a shooter out making photos.

With Penelope the Ricoh GRD4, I am aware that I am a human being and glad to see what I see.

……………………………………………………………………see yas tomorrow……………………………………………………………………………………………

10 thoughts on “Streets of Philadelphia … A Visual Diary … Page 30 … Street … Namaste … Ricoh GRD4”

  1. Great post and great photos….

    I often feel what you describe as connection. It usually feels like five minutes and than I realize one or two hours had passed and I am late…again…but it feels sooo good as time would stop only for me….

    “I respect everyone actually but Penelope lets me respect myself enough that I don’t allow any judgement from others have a negative or positive impact.”

    Glad that you are mentioning also a “positive impact” in judgement of others as it can be often (according to my experience) as “mind polluting” as negative impact. Positive feedback is very dangerous (again my persona observation) as it comes as they say “devil comes in disguise of angel”. After years and years that i was being heavily influenced by judgement of others, I am now learning to avoid to be influenced….

    When someone begins to take photos, it is fun, free spirit….when he starts to interact with others, there is a rick of influence, or too much influence.

    Thanks for the post!

    1. Pavel, very true that positive feedback may also have a negative effect on our thoughts and work. It isn’t easy because we are all hungry for feedback, good or bad. In fact at this point, there is no good or bad. Even a negative feedback is reinforcement in a way that should be paid attention to. The thing is, to try to have a balance between what we need and what we get. Usually, we get more than we need or want. So we have to keep our shields up and not allow anything to have an effect on us that alters the course of what we do. It’s an impossible feat but just being aware of it sometimes is enough to keep us on track.

      1. Positive type of feedback based on social community “friendship” may lead to self-delusion. I had put my pink eye glasses away. And realize that I can’t be shooting for “them” as I did.

        1. Pavel, maybe instead of seeing the world thru rose colored glasses, we should see a rose thru world colored glasses. (PM)

          1. I see it not easy. So I am trying to do my stuff that I am happy with. But it is now more difficult as the photo gets more now more personal. More “from me” and less “for them”, I am now quite sensitive to what I hear.

            I would upload a photo, that I am proud of and I hear…”well it looks nice, but it is just another cliche of shadows and legs”… and this kind of feedback is difficult for me….

          2. Pavel, yes feedback can hazardous. You are on my list of invites coming up so maybe I can see what’s yup then. Don’t give a hoot to the feedback. Many post feedback thinking there’s an obligation to return positive stuff in return.

            Use the froce Pavel, use the force…….

    1. well, Lady Tina, be flattered. There was an international meeting of the Fellowship of Tina Inspired Shooters and it was decided that you now have the title of “Lady Tina, the New York Street Shooting Inspiration”.
      Thank you for all you do.

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