Streets of Philadelphia … A Visual Diary … Page 36 … Ricoh GRII … One ShoT pEr ShOOt


Well, I’m off and running with this 1 shot per shoot thingy. I agreed with myself that the only criteria for the photo used for the shoot is that I like it. No matter about what others think or by any preconceptions I may have about my work. I just have to like it.

It’s the act of realizing my intent and seeing it come to life as the image. Yo, you don’t get off the hook that easy. It’s the same for you or for all. We all need to hold ourselves accountable in life. Yes, damn sure does mean in photography too. So I actually hold myself accountable for my work BUTT!

I have a shrink and he knows all of us, umm, all of me. So I can be accountable and at the same time blame myself for not doing that. USA Shrink approved.

The world seems to be becoming introverted, well from what I can see. People seem to be withdrawing into themselves and smaller groups. It’s like no one wants any outside interference. As an observer, it’s very awkward. As an observer with a camera, it’s downright unsettling. The difference is that for most people, they may see this withdrawn state and not pay much attention to it or the causes. For observers with a camera, we pay close scrutiny to the because we observe with a clear intent of seeing and feeling and capturing the scene.

That’s what I felt with this photo. I felt this guy withdrawing unto himself and just shutting out the world. I was right in front of him, camera ready and he didn’t see me or worse he did see me and didnt give a shit. So I moved around to the bach and felt that this was a better stance. It shows him and it shows me. Both in a shared here and now but, hedidn’t know that.

Seeya’s soon…………… shooter out………………………………………………….




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  1. … the photographer has expertly used digital camera technology as a means to visually express an authenticity to what was being experienced at that particular moment, rather than allowing the technology to act as an obstacle to their visually crafted expression …

  2. Great power and emotion. I feel this man’s isolation. Connectivity is a paradox because we’ve never been so “connected” but we’ve been so isolated either. Technology is so pervasive it’s almost like the created product — technology — is taking over the creator. I see loneliness and a bit of fear for this guy because he’s taking a time out but will soon have to get back in the world, with all its turmoil. This is a good example of the effectiveness of black and white too. Please keep posts coming.

  3. I have lots of to say to this post, but I will try to be briefer.

    Two ideas that you said.

    You have to like your photo. How simple idea and how difficult task… I am learning to push away the voices like “will they like it?” away. Can’t say I won yet. But working on it.

    Being observer. It has lots of to do with personality of the person taking the photo.

    1. Pavel, Thanks again. Well, the idea of liking your work without the interference in the mind or heart about others….it’s simply put…a dream and a goal but certainly never a long-lasting reality. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive to reach and maintain it, it means that we should never lose sight of the dream of simplicity.

      As far as observing, well…I’m observing you my friend……..carry on…

  4. Iā€™m one of those introverted people. :0 I see it a little differently. When people withdraw into themselves it often makes for more interesting pictures. Someone staring into space or someone trying to avoid other people can be just as good for taking pictures as more introverted people.

    One of my favorite pictures was taken with my cell phone. I was on the train and I looked up and the three people directly across from me were all on their cell phones. The best part? The ad behind them was of a woman on her cell phone. šŸ˜€

    1. Tina, if you can maintain this attitude about your work, you’ll do fine. Try not to let the world get in your vision and just do it your way. It’s working and I amongst others like how you see.

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