Streets of Philadelphia … A Visual Diary … Page 38 … Olympus TG-4 … Happy New Years


First off, Happy New Years to one and all. If you’re from Philadelphia, Happy Mummers Day.

“Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’ into the future”.  Now that year’s end is upon us, personally, I sit and look at what I have set out to do and what I have accomplished thru the year. I do this every year and the task is the same but the things I look at and realize the truth of is slightly different every year. It’s kinda like a cleaning out and sorting of energy. We can all have different energies for the different things we do in our lives. This is a known fact and not just here in Philly. I’m not kidding ya either. The way I see it is, we have a volume of energy inside us. Let’s say we have 1000ml of energy inside us. Ok, go on, say it….ty kindly.

Our eye, heart, and mind decides where to distribute this energy. Some goes to everyday task, some to risk and challenges, and some to the area we are concerned with, creative arts, namely photography. Lets assume that we are allocated 500ml for photography. As the year goes on and our vision and work progresses, the level of energy may stay the same, go up or even go down.


We can’t hide from the demons or angels inside us. We must and have to confront them and try to change the way we see things and deal with things. This is the only way to move forward in a positive manner. I get a lot of messages and emails etc from ppl that are dealing with thier work and seem kinda in love but lost on thier path. This is really good. It shows that these ppl are aware that what they do is being scrutinized by thier own eye.

I don’t claim to be a guru or anything other then a shooter that fell madly in love with photography over 50 years ago. I struggle like everyone else but the difference is, I know to blame myself for all the shit that happens.

So, as we wind up the Year 2015 and start the year 2016 maybe we can sort out the energy and get a refill in our energy cup to continue the journey but with a  fresh outlook for the new year. For me that comes tomorrow morning with the Mummers Parade. For the rest of you it means, Happy, Healthy New Years. Mummers Day marks the celebration of a new year but more importantly., it marks the continuing journey of LIFE.

Be Blessed and Be Safe youse all. I wish youse were all here…..nah… keep thehell out, too many damn shooters here as it is…..

…………………………….end transmission………..2015……….over and out………………………………………………

12 thoughts on “Streets of Philadelphia … A Visual Diary … Page 38 … Olympus TG-4 … Happy New Years”

    1. Before I went in the Army, I was a Hippie. My favorite album back then was Children of The Future. In fact, it still is.
      Happy New Years Dennis.

    1. Thank You John and a Happy New Years to you and yours. I will continue to keep the energy flowing on the blog.

    1. Happy New Years Tina. I thought I saw you at Times Square on the tele. Thanks for the post and I look forward to your photos and post also, be blessed my friend.

      1. Haha. No way would I ever go near that place on NYE. I hardly ever go there even during the rest of the year. They estimated that there would be over a million people in that area waiting to see the ball drop.

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