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06-15-0282-EditAndre’ the Fuji X100s has been a loyal friend for over a year. So again today we went out together. I know many think that it’s all about the photographer and a good photographer can make a great photo with any camera.I agree with that totally but I choose my camera carefully and test it carefully and some, not all get a name. I don’t want to go thru life with just having tools and things that don’t get named. I want to love the experience of living and love making photos with a camera I’m in love with. I want to love seeing and relishing the gift of sight. I want to love making photos so much that without doing that, it’s not happening for me. I’d be dead inside and lot long after, outside.

So Andre’ is in his favorite place, my hand. He’s comfortable there and I won’t think about putting him somewheres else. there’s many people walking around, it’s 93F and lots of exhaust from the vehicles. Then I see this black truck thing and this guy that’s like 1500lbs and 20′ tall. His hands are like baseball mitts. He’s got like size 50 sneakers on and the sweat is dripping off him like a river. I mean the street is getting soaked. I see the windows open as he walks away. The ground shakes with every footstep he takes. Buildings shake in fear of collapsing. But Andre has no fear. (See if you name your camera and then get caught making a photo and someone don’t like it, just tell them that Andre’ did it, not me).  If that works, please let me know.

Well, the windows are open and being the smart street shooter that people think I am, I know there’s some one in the truck cause in Philly if you walk away from your truck with the windows open, well, you need to take the bus home cause even if your a 1500lb giant, they get your shit. Just then, well a bit before then but just then, this woman sticks her head out and looks dead at  me. I lower the camera because I want to see and not be seen. So she looks away from me and is looking for her 1500lb giant son and then she just doesn’t see me and CLICK!



I’m walking on Market heading East, that’s the opposite of West. This young girl walks past me and says, “Thank You Sir”. See, I wearing a POW/MIA tee shirt, like I would wear anything else for the last 30 years. I said thank You Hun and as she passed me, cause shes young and not a shooter so she gets to walk faster and not see anything just look for things that may hurt her cause she’s a pretty girl and believe it, there’s ppl and things that want to hurt young girls but if I saw it happen, well I’d be in court for fucking someone up.

Then I see her back with the Tat on it and I scurry to make a photo. She turns and says, it’s my brother. He died in the war. So now I don’t care if anyone likes this photo or not, it’s important to remember those that have fallen and that are STILL MISSING so that we can be free to live our lives.


For the kitten, he’s a hero but for him, he’s a waste. That’s how society treats people that get in financial trouble. It’s not always drugs, many times it’d because the Banks take everything from you and your still in debt for 2045 more years. I wonder what the schedule is for the Presidential Candidates to come and speak with the homeless. The they homeless won’t have to worry because the lying bastards won’t waste their money or time.

Oh, I’m sorry, did I get off track?


Yes, I remember ……………


4 thoughts on “Streets of Philadelphia … A Visual Diary … Page 4”

  1. That was a very touching story about the woman and her tattoo. Every person has a story and that’s what I see with your pictures. It doesn’t even have to be anything as deep as the woman with the tattoo, but often (especially in big cities) you pass by so many people that they all start to seem like they only exist in that moment and not before or after. They’re forgotten as quickly as they can pass you.

    1. Tina yes and thanks. The city is filled with a lot of life and life is filled with a lot of stories. Sometimes we get blessed and are invited in with our camera to tell the story. This is one of those times.

  2. Wars are too fresh in peoples’ minds even if they’re 70 years ago. Ask my dad. He’s pushing 90. Presidential candidates speaking to the homeless….hmmmm…? When’s the next ice age?

    Great images Don. Keep cool.

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