Streets of Philadelphia … A Visual Diary … Page 41 … Ricoh GRII … One ShoT pEr ShOOt


So Mom and I are out trying to find some photos. That’s right. Trying to find. See, there are photos all over out there. Oh, sorry. Please forgive my rudeness. Mom is the name of my Ricoh GRII. Anyway, we went for a walk and was waiting for some photos to greet us. See, if you aren’t open minded and open hearted, then you’ll spend your life seeking photos. That’s ok but then you miss all the photos that are trying to find you. Yes, that’s right. They want to be found by you so you may bring them to life.

Here’s an example. Your walking around looking at everything in existence near you. That’s a chore in itself. Then you see something and click. I know everyone here is tuned into things enough to realize that this is not a one-way relationship. Sure, we all know that Photography is a 2 way and reciricol relationship. That’s common knowledge. So why amI writing this? Good question and I can’t really answer it either. I think each of you can answer for yourself. All except that guy in the blue shirt. He’s a sculptor not a shooter.

So as I was walking I felt that brisk cold air on me cheeks. The face cheeks, ok. Ya know, the light in Winter here in Philly has a very special feel to it. It’s crisp and clear. Lighting things harshly but also gently. The shadows are never so alive as in the winter. I was watching the shadow play all over the place and then out of nowhere. This wall was put up on Market to block the entrance to theGallery. Ed Bacon would have a knipshun. So I saw the shadows dance against the wall and it was beautiful. The shapes and intensity varied by the second as the light changed. I was watching and then all the sudden….CLICK!

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  1. Trying to find the photos…. yes, I often find myself chasing them ….and I often fail…than something switches in my mind and I would relax, let it flow…or when I give up chasing…and than “photos” would suddenly come….

    1. Pavel,
      I have found that allowing my eye heart and mind to take the lead, things get natural and that allows the photos to find me. In the world there are many images to find, or discover but the ones we should live for are the ones that have a synergism with us.

      It’s like the guitar for me. I could practice for hours and hours and feel that I had a great practice session. Then go to do a gig and just play and it felt otherworldly.

      1. It seems to be a state of mind, a meditation. Being present at the moment, being aware of the moment. Being concentrated, while being free and relaxed…And see, record, enjoy.

        1. Well, I would hope that state carries over to every moment in life my friend. At the end, it would be a shame to think you missed it all…

  2. hi don –

    i haven’t commented for awhile because i have trouble staying current on the email end of things… but wanted to say hi, and keep up the good work of laying out what and how you do, the struggle, no, i should say challenge, of finding that blend of eye mind and heart. i always enjoy your posts, all the words and all the photos.

    – marke

    1. marke, no worries my friend. Absence makes the…ummmm ya know I don’t believe that crap. It’s good to hear from you and stay in touch as much as you can. other readers are concerned.
      Me to marke…..peace

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