Streets of Philadelphia … A Visual Diary … Page 42 … Ricoh GRII … One ShoT pEr ShOOt

01-16-0197-EditThe winter has arrived in Philly. I don’t know about the rest of the country but here in Philly, it’s winter. How do I know. I had mom (Ricoh GRII) out and we were walking around. One of the last things Mom said to me before she died was….”I just don’t want to be cold”. I told her, …”You won’t be cold Mom, I promise”. Well, Mom, my Ricoh GRII is cold in my hand. Real cold. I was walking and thinking how much I hate the cold.

Tanya dresses me like Mom would do in the winter when I was a kid.  I had Long Johns on and a sweatshirt and a down coat that is made for Artic temperatures. It was like 22F outside and I was sweating like it was Summer. The Ricoh GRII named Mom was in my hand in the pocket. Ohhh, yes, yes, yes, lest I forget. I had the Rich GV-2 Finder mounted on top. It’s very small and i used it on my GR and also the GRD4. Best way to describe it is, Pocket Catcher Oner Thingy. Oh yeah, catches on the pocket everytime I pull it put.

That’s not a bad thing and it actually has firmware that Ricoh puts in the finder. See, The camera belongs in your hand and ready to work, not in the pocket. Ricoh knows this and installed an intuitive pocket catch procedure so that you learn not to pocket the camera when your supposed to be shooting.

It works, I pulled the camera out even knowing how much mom detested the cold and then I saw this photo waiting to be caught and….

….  Click!

Have a blessed day all youse….. shooter out……………………………………………………………………………….

14 thoughts on “Streets of Philadelphia … A Visual Diary … Page 42 … Ricoh GRII … One ShoT pEr ShOOt”

  1. I’ve long had the gv2 mounted on both my Ricohs, but almost never use it. B u t the cameras are really easy to fish up from your coat pocket – and hooking a fingerround the vf gives you a firm grip of the camera. Not bad for a shite expensive little plastic thing.

    1. That’s right Keith. Unfortunately we may listen to mom but after she’s gone, well then we realize she was right all along….
      That’s what I found out.

  2. … some mom’s nearly always have the capacities and abilities to be ready, willing and able at the required time and place …

    1. Sean, your right. My mom’s been on the other side for around 10 years already and still telling me to clean my room.

    1. Thanks Dave. I was actually asked to test the TG-4 as an all weather camera for STREET USE! That excited me and now with the Blizzard coming, I might get a chance to do just that.

  3. I commend you for going out in the cold. We’re really getting slammed with the snow and wind here in NYC. Cars aren’t allowed on the roads and you hardly see any people. The few that I’ve seen have mostly been outside to walk their dogs.

    Cameras are meant to be in your hands. I always have my point and shoot with me (Sony DSC RX100 III) but it’s always hidden away in my bag. I mean, if what was in my bag was the slightest bit interesting then I could be forgiven for having my camera there instead of in my hands where it’s supposed to be. :p

    1. Tina, first off…thanks again. The snow hammered us also and we are in a state of emergency like you are. I had the Sont RX1000III and loved that camera. Problem was that I rarely wanted to use anything else. You can’t make photos without a camera so it pays to have an all ready and you main shooters. Of course this is a good excuse for more and more cameras.

      Be safe out there, it’s slippery…..

      1. More and more cameras are my weakness. My current obsession is the Sony A7RII. You stay safe too. You seem to venture out more, even during bad weather, than I do. I’m a wimp. I hate wind and snow.

        1. Tina, I bow to you. It’s good to have different cameras to meet the mood. There’s nothing wrong with that and personally, I don’t see it as an obsession at all. Of course, that’s prolly my way of justifying the situation, maybe for you too. That Sony is a nice camera, not my cup of tea but very nice.
          Enjoy and stay warm…..

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