Streets of Philadelphia … A Visual Diary … Page 46 … Olympus Pen F … (Serendipity)


(photos are with GRD II)

Well, you all know I name my cameras. Walker and Garry left the home front thru eBay and are no longer my cameras. So I no longer have a Pen EP-5. They sacrificed their well being so that I could acquire my new camera, the Olympus Pen F. I sold some lenses also that I never used anymore so all in all, it worked out fine financially. I must admit that it took over a week to get the camera because it was lost in traffic. But SHE is home and we are bonding. I’ll have some photos in my next blog.

I always ask youse all to help in the naming process and many great names are presented. This time, I decided on a name before I had the camera. The name is”Serendipity“. I am going to ty to live to the name. I mean I am always focused on what I want and what I am looking for and even how I plan to satisfy those elements. I guess it’s a way of being in the here and now without much force to effect an outcome. I mean I want to just BE and instead of constantly searching for photos, maybe let them find me. I teach that and I guess it’s time to rethink my own process. I just want the freedom of thought and feelings and for that to be in my photos



I guess I do that all the time but I need an excuse to beat myself up. I seek the synergism between photography and my part of it.  That totally encompasses all the facets of camera. process and vision and all the things I didn’t mention. The idea for me is to be out in life, on the streets and to have an energy of serendipity lingering over my heart and mind. It’s not that I won’t be seeking photos, it’s just that i want  a natural feeling when photos find me. I want the collaboration of life and the energy of life to find me and I want to be awake and have that energy mix with me and together find harmony and peace.



Why is this important to me? Well, maybe because the last few weeks I am afraid to sleep. I have nightmares that put me in a place I was at as a young soldier.  I thought that when I left, I escaped the ravages of war. I thought I would at last have peace but I never found it. I can’t sleep and when I drift off, I am horrified that I won’t wake up. I won’t take sleeping meds because I can’t force myself to wake. I only have a sense of what peace is when I am making photos. It’s the only thing in my life that offers me the escape and that brings together the energies that surround me.

We all have reasons for what we do.I’m not seeking salvation or any kind or repentance. I’m looking for the solitude and a certain peace of mind that maybe isn’t shared but doesn’t have to be. I know my work defines me. I know I don’t really care if anyone relates or understands it. I do and that’s all that matters.

That being said, the Pen F is a baaaaad ass camera. I’ll introduce youse to her in a little bit. She’s silver and very elegant.

Her name is Serendipity.

shooter out……………………………………………………………………………………………………….

10 thoughts on “Streets of Philadelphia … A Visual Diary … Page 46 … Olympus Pen F … (Serendipity)”

  1. Looking forward to some shots with the Pen F and your musings about the camera. It certainly is a beautifully crafted camera – especially in silver. I really don’t need to start thinking about getting another camera! Don, I hope your nightmares turn into more peaceful dreams. Thank God your photography provides an escape for you. And that you share it with the rest of us out here. Take care.

    1. Dave my friend. All I can say is, think about the Pen-F all you want. Do not under any circumstances touch one.
      I’ll be writing about her for a while.

    1. Pavel,
      I sold the 12mm Oly, too wide for me but sweet. I sold a 35mm Summicron V2 new in box. When I was using M’s, I acquired extra lenses cause I got them at or below dealer cost. But, 35mm was my vision so I had a numer of lenses at that focal length. I bought this lens when I was at Kosmin’s Camera Exchange new and never mounted it on the camera. Now that I can’t use M cameras anymore, I let it go.
      The Pen-F is sweet.

  2. I’ve been lusting for that camera Don! Been wanting to update My OMD EM5. Make I ask where you bought her?

    All aside, wonderful images no matter what you used. That last one sings in my heart.

    1. Keith,
      Thanks. I got her from eBay and the dealer is Tall’s Camera in Seattle Wa. They are available most places. Ireally was hoping that the Pen F would be as good as th EP-5. It’s an upgrade and an entirely new experience. You will not go wrong with this camera.

        1. Keith, a word of warning….. This camera is a killer.

          there’s a store in PA not far from me called Cardinal Camera. They have a few and will ship quick.
          good luck…..

  3. Love the name that you have chosen for your new camera. The name will be a good motivator for the kinds of photos that you want to take and the peace you want to achieve in your life. I look forward to seeing what pictures you take with her.

    1. Thanks Tina. I think the universe is giving me some love. I don’t really know what to do with it but Serendipity sure does.
      Stay tuned my friend…… nini

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