The Groove


There are times when things all fall together to make you feel right. I’m not saying it happens all the time but i feel it happens enough that I notice it. So I was out on a walk-a-bout in center city and I made some photos and it was cool. I like the camera and it does a fine job of supporting my efforts.

By the way, I had Serendipity the Olympus Pen F and her 25mm lens on. See, the lens is 25mm but Serendipity says it’s 50mm FOV so I go along with that cause ya shouldn’t argue with a lady. She’s right anyway. I’m noticing some people walking around and they looked like some kind of security. You know the type, the earphone with the coiled cord so no one can see them. The suits that look like the were punch pressed for a one style that works with all. Tomorrow is election day here and I guess there will be protest. Dunno, don’t care.

Anyway, I was walking for a while and I decided to head home. My legs ached and I felt that it wasn’t happening for me right now. Now, when that feeling sets in and it does always and for everyone…that’s the time to be ready for it. Oh yeah, it happens every time my friends, So much so that I look forward to the feeling that it ain’t happening because I know if I get that feeling, it’s gonna happen.

So I am following my decision to go home and I am also aware that ain’t nuttin going on so be ready for it. I come up to Starbucks Window and I see all these stars dancing… then, as if Mother Light Blessed me, and she did….a man sits down and puts his head in his hands. I looked at him and thought, Shooter, get ready ole’ man… this is it when it ain’t happening. Well, I’m not one to get in people’s face but here, at this moment in the here and now when ain’t nuttin’ happening and I’m ready to go home….I moved in close. He ain’t looking at me. I was perplexed.

The I figured it out. He was having an, it ain’t happening for me at this moment, moment,  and together, we shared the nothingness and the ain’t happening moment. So, the way I figured was, that one of us had to  break the nothingness and tension and see where it goes. It was a tense moment. I knew that it was gonna break the record for nothing and was gonna make or break each of us.

Then, then in the breath of the air fromStarbucks, he turned to me and I put the camera in his direction. I knew I had one chance at this moment and the slightest movement from either of us would send us both to nothing oblivion and that for all eternity, each of us would relive the moment that we ruined. But no, not this time… not this moment, dang it… he looked straight into Serendipity’s eye and I looked at his eyes and he turned to me and…..CLICK!

You are nor returned to your regularly scheduled programming……………shooter……..out…………………………..

14 thoughts on “The Groove”

  1. Funny, I had this happen to me earlier today, except I got yelled at. “Why did you take my picture?!” I thought for a tenth of a second of responding with Winogrand’s retort, ‘It isn’t your picture, it’s my picture!”

    But I didn’t…

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