Streets of Philadelphia … A Visual Diary … Page 46 … Ricoh GRII … Walk-a-bout with Ray Sachs


So I’m working in LR and I get a text message from Ray. He says he’s gonna be in town and I replied, cool we can meet. Now in case you don’t know this about Ray, bear this in mind when ya meet up with him. Ray has a tolerance for Caffeine that I can’t think about. For instance, it’s known far and wide that I do a cup of fresh Kona with cream every morning. No sugar, theKona is enough to jump start my mind and I’m not  talking about me poor heart. Ray says we should meet at La Columb coffee shop on Frankford Ave, Well, I know what this means already. We meet and Ray and I order coffee. I don’t speak coffee lingo so I said to the attendant, regular coffee, cream, no pictures on it. She smiles and then we get the coffee. Ray has this beautiful cup with a great picture on it and I can feel the caffeine oozing into the air. Mine is an undercover coffee ninja. It looks like a regular coffee. Smells like a regular coffee. Taste great but that’e where the problems start.

I raise the cup to my lips and get ready to engage the caffiene heart-o-meter. I take a sip and it’s lovely but then, then out of no where, I get a rush thru my entire body that says, we have been invaded buy the caffeine demons. So Ray and I are talking about cameras and that’s a great subject for us cause we both love cameras. I’m looking at him as we chat and I am wondering how his jet fuel double expresso, latte, upside down forward cream sugar coffee is not affecting him. I’m slowly sipping the coffee and it’s like I want to sell for this place right now, make coffee for all, clean up, do the dishes, clean the windows and floors, buy everyone new cars and clothes all in 37.5 seconds.

If Tanya knew how this stuff affected me, there’s be an entirely new shooter in town.


So we left the coffee place and started walking. Between the 2 of us we had solved every issue for every camera and that is always something we do. We don’t agree on some things, most importantly on Exposure Modes. He likes A Mode with Auto ISO and I like M Mode with Auto ISO. The differences are subtle but it always makes good conversation. It’s stimulating to say the least.

Ray is a long time biker. No, not like my biker brother’s and sister’s, but a pedal bike. So what does that have to do with anything? Well, what’s a biker do when he’s not on the bike? Walk. I’m a walker for sure and Ray is a walker and my camera is Walker but the difference is stamina. So we were walking and a talking and a gawking all over and made photos too.


I had Mom the Ricoh GR II and Ray had his Nikon Coolpix A. Actually to tell the truth. I sold both my Olympus Pen EP-5 cameras and some lenses. Why, well I ordered the new Olympus Pen F. It is due to arrive tomorrow so I’ll be in the house waiting for USPS and watching CNN and working in LR. That’s a fine camera by any means. So, a new era starts for me tomorrow and I’ll be writing about the adventures with yet (un-named Pen F) for a while.

Anyway, thanks for being here and paying attention to my rants and raves.

Peace to all……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

6 thoughts on “Streets of Philadelphia … A Visual Diary … Page 46 … Ricoh GRII … Walk-a-bout with Ray Sachs”

        1. Thanks Tina. Unfortunately, the camera is lost in the mail for 4 days already. I’ll update the post shortly. Good name tho….

    1. Thanks, good name by the way. The Pen F is lost in traffic and no sign of when it will find it’s way to me.
      Maybe it’s revenge for selling 2 real fine cameras. Only time will unveil the truth.

      thanks again….don

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