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    1. christine,

      Good question and I’ll explain with mt experiences. The Ricoh GRII is the finest most intuitive camera for screen and single focal length. Nothing holds up against it. It’s the camera that once you set it up and use it, then put it down for a while, when you pick it up again, in a matter of seconds, your at one with it.

      The Pen F is a great camera, probably the finest M4/3 camera out there. It is different completely as you can change lenses, a viewfinder and smaller sensor. I have both and love them dearly. My main camera has been the Fuji X100 series as I had them all. So, the X100F and the GRII are sweet together. The Pen F really doesn’t need any company in the camera bag except and additional lens if you feel it. You can email me if you like or Skype and we can get deeper into this subject.

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