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The temperature dropped and the wind picked up and it felt cool but not too cold. It’s the kind of weather that I wear a sweatshirt and a jacket. I’m cruising around Market street and I go thru the tunnel and look to my left, I see this guy sitting there in the dark. It’s very low light. I walked thru into the light. I stopped. I wondered if this guy even knew where he was. I wondered if I knew where I was. Was he wondering if he knew when he or I was? Is it my concern or business? Fucking A-Diddly.

So, Serendipity  tugged at my hand and insisted I go back to make a photo. The thing is, sometimes I get a gut reaction instantly, looking at something/someone. If I continue to walk away from this scene, what happens is that I get a sick feeling in my stomach. Kinda like eating sour kraut and drinking milk. Yeah, you too huh. Well, I got this feeling many times in the past and when I made the photo, it was always one I want to remember. Isn’t that the beauty of photography? Well, sure nuff…. that feeling came to me quick and now, oh yeah….. now I be smart enough not to drink milk and eat sour kraut together. I think I am smart enuff to recognize that feeling and go back and I did.

I wondered how in this age with all the millions and millions being spent on election bullshit and everything else, how could a man, a human being be so alone, so forgotten to be sitting in his own urine in a dark corner? I don’t have an answer and most don’t want one anyway.


So, Adobe was kind enough to release an ACR update for LightRoom.  Well, I been shooting jpegs and at first they are awesome. Then in a little bit of time, they are ok. Then just before I was going to abandon the Olympus Pen F, I can now do RAW. Well, I gotta say that the RAW files are specrtacular. It is really very nice indeed. The photo above was RAW and the tones and detail are incredible. Hard to see on the web but on my screen, sure as heck glad I didn’t sell Serendipity.

Have a blessed journey and hepp your eye, heart and mind awake……

……………………………………………..shooter out………………………………………………………..

8 thoughts on “Streets of Philadelphia … A Visual Diary … Page 55 … Olympus Pen F … Street Life”

    1. Thanks Tommi. You have a great eye and especially where others are blind…maybe in more ways than 1.

  1. That is one powerful image Don. As I look at it I can’t help but think about this man’s life story and how he ended up sitting on those steps in such a desolate state. At one time he was someone’s little child and now he sits there with only God knows what is going thru his mind. A sad commentary on the human condition. What’s that old saying … “There but for the grace of God …” Take care Don.

    1. Dave, you got it right. I try to be objective most time on the street. Sometimes I am subjective like this image. Other time I don’t really know but your words were in my head when I made this.
      Have a blessed journey my friend.

  2. This shot says it all Don. Millions spent on BS while a guy like this sits hungry and alone. Shame on US. He may not want help but just a few bucks and some quality mental health care could make such a difference in his life. Quite a story told with that shot. I’m glad Serendipity told you to go back and get it. My GR II hasn’t been telling me much of anything yet, maybe I need to name her.

    1. Come on, they send around $160 Billion to Iran, let alone any other country to help them.
      Sheeeesh, of course there’s nothing left nor the interest to help ourselves. You don’t know that…… my, my.

      You are suffering from un-named camera illness. Best to rethink your camera’s position in your work.

  3. It truly is sad to see things like this. The truth is that most of us are only a few paychecks away from being this man. We don’t want to be with minute to ourselves but basically we’re all just living paycheck to paycheck and it will be a lot easier than we think to slip into this kind of situation.

    1. Tina, there’s an organization here in Philly called, One Step Away. It’s for homeless and also gives the homeless a chance to sell the paper and make ome money.

      One step away is where we all are.

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