Streets of Philadelphia … A Visual Diary … Page 56 … Olympus Pen F … Romance your Work


Ya know, Serendipity the Olympus Pen F is a fine young lady and she knows how to slow and calm down the Ole’ shooter. So I’m walking down Market Street and I see this guy sitting under the cover for the buses and he’s lost in his world like I’m lost in mine. I have Serendipity in my hand and her neck strap is wrapped around my wrist. So she’s sees the guy right away and starts sending vibrations up my arm to wake me and get ready.

Ok, a few things here …

First … my intent is a double sided intent with the camera strap. I use a neck strap and I can have the camera around my neck or just hold it and wrap the strap around my wrist. I know I should be more focused on the strap procedures but really, I like to stretch out sometimes.

Second … Maybe when I feel Serendipity vibrating my arm to get me ready to see a photo, maybe that’s really a tremor from my essential tremors. Maybe it’s not my camera at all and maybe my camera is just that, a friggin camera, a tool like my hammers that insist on smashing my thumb sometimes. I could say my hammers have a sense of humor but see, youse think this is all bullshit and humor me and really thing that being close to a camera and talking about intent is nonsense. I mean, lets be real, lets keep things in perspective.

FUCK NO! Maybe all that shit is really the truth. Well, if you believe that it’s fine but I am a romantic and I believe that….ohhh wait a sec…. my ride is here to take me to never never land… oh yeah…I can’t keep Don waiting….

Don , you know… Don Quixote. He wants me to make photos of the battle against the windmills attacking the trucks on Market Street……

I’ll be back……

I’m back. So what am I writing about? Well, we go thru life and we have choices to make. As a Human Being with a camera, we do what we do to support our families, our dreams and even our electric bills. It’s noble to be one of the crowd. I’t a duty we all share and have bestowed upon us to support society and to atleasy pay the bills on time.

Many, many people are stuck in a mundane existance and they flirt with life everyonce in a while.

So, when you take you camera out and make photos, the mindset you place on everything is the result you get and actually expect something different. The group I am with in the VA calls that insanity and we earned the right to be and say that.





So, I will continue to call Serendipity to come to work and we will go out and make photos together. She will no doubt vibrate in my hand to get me ready. Life needs romance for us to breathe. No, not just with your loved ones but with the world. We needto be able to breathe images and when we look at people, have enought sensitivity to see the demons and dragons and angels that live with them. No one is immune from these things and if you think I’m crazy, well, hell yeah, I’m crazy enough to see that people are caught by good things and bad. I see them as innocence lost and when I make a photo, I like to think in the photo, I have expelled all that from the existance of the image and it can live free.



If your out there and making photos and just going around looking for things….if your not in a romance with life and photography, what are you then?

8 thoughts on “Streets of Philadelphia … A Visual Diary … Page 56 … Olympus Pen F … Romance your Work”

  1. Really enjoy your blog and shots. I’ve just been shooting street since last March but enjoying it. Just wanted to say thanks for you’re posts, take care.

        1. I think you have a consistent vision. Snapshots, as important as they are, become very difficult to get any response on. You asked me what I think and I think you have a good eye fro the frame. I don’t know about what you want to do but I think you could do it…..

          1. You can email me and we can chat or do Skype. No chanrg and it’s more productive

  2. Some great shots here Don. Good to see you and Serendipity are getting along. BTW – Happy St Patricks Day! Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to get a shot of a Leprechaun or two.

    1. Thank Dave. Happy St Patricks Day to you too. The Leprechaun will have a good day here in Philly. I’ll be out searching but he’s gonna be busy all day everyday here……

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