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To start, I have not been able to shake the sick feeling inside me of not Having Andre’ the Fuji X100s in my life. Olivier fell in love with him when he was here a few weeks ago and I didn’t pay attention cause I had Serendipity the Olympus Pen F.

It’s about your Natural Field of View, well, mine in this case but you get the idear. My NFoV is 35mm. Of course I can see any FOV but whenI’m on a walk-a-bout and see something that interest my eye, heart and mind, I am seeing the frame in my mind as 35mm. This has been happening since way back in the last century.

So, I got the Fuji X100 then the X100s and now, well, Serendipity and all her lenses are sold off. I don’t miss her. I bought a new Silver Fuji X100T and will name it Andre’.

I love the Olympus Pen F and it’s an amazing camera but for me, too many options. Those options are of course the lenses or FOV. I don’t want that option, never did. I have my stance in the world. I’m content with that stance. The Oly and lenses are not politically correct for me. Now with the Fuji X100T and the Ricoh GR II, I’m all good to go.

Sometimes in life, we need constraints and have them impose themselves on us even if we are unaware that we have or need them. I need them. My vision and thoughts run rampid and go all over the place because I have to decide what lens I want t use.

So, It’s a done deal and by tomorrow at 10:00am, all the lenses will be sold off. I will continue my journey and love my vision again because I’m not clouded any more. The photo above kinda tells the story in my mond. I mean it’s a photo but I made it from the thoughts and feeligs inside me.

Tomorrow, Andre’ and I start our life together, again. I’m excited and he’s on the shelf flirting with Penelope the GRD4.

Seeya all tomowwor and till then, be blessed on your journey.

………. shooter out ……….

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  1. Surprised you got rid of Serendipity already. But I fully understand where you are coming from. I have several cameras and lenses but for street I do 90% with my GRD and if anything happens to it I will not hesitate to get the GR II. There is a lot to be said for keeping it simple and just concentrating on getting the shot with the least amount of fusing around with settings. Take care out there!

    1. Dave, you hit it on the head. As it turns out, the guy is sending back my Pen F as he doesn’t like it. Maybe this means I should just use it for the 50mmFOV as I originally intended.
      The GRII is as fine a camera as ever was. I have mine with me all the time and always will.

      It’s that inverse square law again, less is more….. good light my friend…..

      1. Great, I also just got an email that B&H has the black model available for shipping now. It’s a conspiracy I tell you. My unnamed GR II is glaring at me.

        1. Well, my deal on my Pen F fell thru and I will have it back by end of week. I still have a 25mm for it and that’s what I want that camera for.

          It’s not a pretty picture to have an unnamed camera. I shudder at the though.

          Let me know if you order a new unnamed camera and keep it that way….OMG…the HORROR!

          1. Why resist? It’s an exercise in futility and you’ll get the camera anyway. Just an observation. Personally, I feel that naming a camera is an important procedure. I guess most don’t think the name and the camera has any effect on energy and I feel for them, I do. I use Andre’ after Kertesz. I use Walker after Evans, Garry after Winogrand, Ding after McNulty and Mom after Mom.
            Of course my beloved Ricoh GRD4 is named after Penelope … guess who.

            So just hold the unnamed Ricoh GRII in your hand and eventually if you let go of the pre-conceptions placed upon us by nonbelievers, a name will enter your head and go to your heart. Actually, naming a camera is very sane and practical. The idea is that you are drawing closer to the camera but in reality, as I see it, the name stands for the entire process of photography. For me, photography is my life’s work and I live to make photos and my photos prove I live. Of course, that needs an appropriate name. The heck with others if they don’t understand, but I see a difference between cleaning the bathroom and making photos.

  2. I read with disappointment that you sold the Pen already! In a way, I’m glad it’s coming back. Fate??? That Pen F does something for me. Though I can understand is having too many choices. The Pen allows me POVs that I don’t get otherwise with my Ricoh or my Fuji. I am finding the Pen is my “experimental” camera. Allowing me to freely explore some other avenues not possible by the Ricoh or the Fuji. I am still trying to formulate all of this. Digest it if you will. I’m still eating…

    1. Keith, Thanks.
      I absolutely agree with you. I’m glad the Pen F is coming home and she arrives on Friday. Experimental is a brilliant way of looking at it and also a way for me to keep it and learn about those different avenues. I have to agree with you about FATE. I see this energy working to make things fall in order even tho I stirred the pot and did things that maybe I shouldn’t have. At any rate, thanks again and keep up the work your doing cause many times you’re nailing it.

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