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It was friggin cold again. I know I’m old and cold inside but I’m talking about the weather, COLD! Andre’ was cold too and he’s no help keeping my hand warm.  There be a cold metal feeling to him and it’s not pleasant all the time. Ya know… maybe it’s the cold metal of Andre’ the Fuji X100T that awakens something in me. Maybe it’s the cold feeling and the craving for warmth or even emotional warmth that I search for. I mean, Andre’ the Fuji X100T is a great friend but he don’t talk much……well, he does but not out loud. I mean him and I talk all the time. The photos we make together transcend spoken language and work in a visual way to get our point across.

We are a reflection of each other. We don’t work well without each other. It’s a synergism that I find I must have to survive. I think he feels the same but never tells me so.

To clarify, Andre’ is the name of my Fuji X100T. I name all my cameras and here’s why. I like to keep my experiences with photography as free from the world’s shit as possible. I don’t mean subject matter, I mean an adjustment on the psychology of working. I want there to be a difference between being a carpenter and a photographer. A carpenter works with his/her tools to get the job done properly and efficiently.

As a photographer I practice and it is my life’s work. I always knew it was and hope to continue on the journey. Doesn’t that mean more to me than being a carpenter? I use carpenter as an analogy for anything I would or have done in the past but not only the past but maybe the present and the future.

For me, thinking and feeling that my life has been about my photography and photography has been my life, it seems fitting to name things so that I may attach more closely to it.  My oldest daughter is named, Bethany Ansel. My Son’s name is Paul Weston. I didn’t call them child # 1 and child #2. I kinda love them and they were given names that were born out of love.

So, I could be like many shooters and just go thru life making photos and not really connecting but thinking I am. Instead, I’m the guy many think is nutz and crazy cause I name my cameras, because the camera is a metaphor for my entire photographic process. I stand guilty as charged.

So Andre’ and I were on a walkabout and we were at the Historic Park. This is where the Liberty Bell loves. It wasn’t always here but some smart ass politician decided years ago that more people could see it if it had it’s own house with easier access. Anyway, I am a fool and I believe in History and i believe that it means something. I also believe that feelings come to us from the past and if we are open for them, we get messages that may or may not have importance but we get them anyway.

So, I been reflecting on the reflections of the thoughts of my life. Maybe youse didn’t get it and that’s a shame cause I do and did and hopefully will again.

I will say this, if you name your camera then you get me. If you don’t but want to means you may get me. If you don’t give a shit about a name for your camera and process that you love and cherish cause it gives you reason to continue…well, your a politician anyway.




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  1. Hi Don, I’m not as crazy as you 😉 I don’t give real names to my cameras, but I have designations for them. The Canon T90 is The Beast, the A-1 is The Beauty (they oppose and complement each other). The Olympus XA2 is The Friend that lives in my pocket all the time. The there’s the Crazy One, the Lomo LC-A+….. No Names, but I know them!

    1. Frank,
      Sit back, sip a cupof whatever you sip….alls good. Now just relax and tell me how The Beast or The Beauty or The Friend or even The Crazy One are not names. I’m just sayin’, ….no offence my friend.

  2. I have to pick up my camera again. Been too busy or so I like to tell myself…I have no name for my cameras, I consider them extensions of my body, it would be weird…

    1. Thanks for the comment. I get what your saying, I really do. It would be weird for me not to name my cameras…..

  3. When I was much younger, I studied music theory. I played guitar for many years. I made more money playing music by the time I was 21, then any other job I had until I was 30. I kind of gave it up because the music I liked to play, I needed others to make it happen.They all disappointed me one by one. My guitar has a name. I still play, but in making images I needed no one but myself. If it didn’t happen, there was no one to place blame. It made me stronger through the years in ways I never imagined. I always felt that these tools were extremely personal to me. Though I never consciously gave them names, they were named nonetheless.

    Funny, I never thought about all this till now. You must be some kind of therapist Don!

    1. Keith, I have a great shrink at last. I also played Guitar since I ws 13 and loved it. I had many sweet ax’s and still have a few. I can’t play anymore as the tremors are getting the best of me.

      I started naming things when I started caring for things that made me happy or even upset. I’m glad your finding names for your cameras etc. It’s really a more personal life this way. I bet your wife and kids have names….imagine that….

  4. I never bothered naming my cameras until recently when I sold my Canon 5D Mark III to get the Sony A7Rii. I missed the Canon and eventually wound up taking back the Sony and having to buy a new Canon Mark III. I was so happy to have her back that I gave her a name, Bea, which is an acronym for my two nieces and my great nephew, three of the most important people in my life.

    1. Tina, you made the right move with the Canon. Your tuned in enough with what you’re doing to know what camera is near intuitive. Bea is a great name for her and I’m sure she will work with you in a sweet synergism.

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