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Sometimes it bothers me when people don’t get an image I post.


For me this is life on the street. I mean of course it’s not all life but a figment of life where she is and where I am at this here and now.  I relate to this as being alone amongst the masses. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, just saying it’s a feeling. See, I respond to the street in the way I feel. I feel this image because I feel alone out there  and this makes a statement that I felt. Sometimes a photo is poetic in the visual experience. Other time, the poetry may be inside us and not visually portrayed so easily. There is no right or wrong, there is just the work. So do I accept my photos because they are a part of my essence and ask nothing more from them then to simply exist? Maybe I should put them out to mass media like Flickr and let my Flickr friends take the responsibility on approving the photos or rejecting them and fucking up my mind?


I guess I’m as guilty as everyone else and I’ll do both. Of course doing this completely contradicts my intent as a photographer. Well, it doesn’t really but it puts my intent in front of the camera and my shrink for further analysis and discussion. Long ago I made photos because I just wanted to and was immune to output from anyone. I just was in a groove and loving what I was doing. Bliss I believe they call it.

Now I make photos because I need it more than breathing. I make photos because I must and have no choice and don’t want a choice either. Now I make photos because I want to.

Now I make photos because not from love of photography anymore but because I LIVE photography.

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  1. No one is immune.I believe at least that when I´m doing my photos, that I´m totally absorbed in the process, and that in this moment, the opinion of whome ever means nothing. After, I´d love it if more people than I myself liked my photo, for what ever reason. Sometimes they do. Not all the times. I still have to make them. I hope that never changes.
    Very good read, Don, and couple great photos..

    1. Thanks Tommi. I have some members of the group when I was actively teaching workshops. Well, they contact me and it amazes me that the questions they want answered are like I am writing here.
      Funny coincidence, well maybe but they all follow my blog, bless their hearts and you too.

  2. I can relate to the photo of this woman standing alone. Don you know my history, I’ve had this moment so many times since I ventured out of my nest at 16 years old. Thanks for sharing. I realized many of us feel this way and this photo gave me this insight.

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