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Streets of Philadelphia … A Visual Diary … Page 61 … Observations of Lost Innocence


Tacony Flea Market, Phila. 2005

We are a product of our environment and our work is a product of us. Now that may seem like a generalization and maybe it is but it’s true nonetheless. I was looking at Amira Issmail’s work again and I thought how innocent she is and her work. Now obviously, she’s an adult and a beautiful lady but she presents her work in a way that is pure joy.

What I mean is, Amira has a way of working that is void of attitude and jaded from the environment of the human condition. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5iotgw9USPLu5gKfxrw82A I find it interesting in this day and age that someone could be almost clean of attitude and their presence in their work. You can see her work on the Inspired Eye FB page and others places. Just look and see what I’m talking about.

So I was wondering when and where I lost my photographic innocence and I realized, I can’t lose what I never had.  Muddy said that and he’s right. I’m kinda envious becaue everything I do is , I guess jaded for lack of a better word and this effects what and how and why I do it.

I never got to see the world with starry eyes and glitter all arround. I’m not saying Amira does either. What I’m saying is, Amira and I’m sure many others have the ability to work in any environment and see the joy of living. The simple but delicious things around and that others don’t even think or feel or even care about. This is a very precise meaning for making images.

To share with others how and why  you see what you see.

Anyway, Serendipity comes home tomorrow and the guys on the camera shelf are excited and so am I.

Have a blessed weekend……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

Streets of Philadelphia … A Visual Diary … Page 60 … Observations with the Fuji X100T


Ok, ok….maybe I’m sentimental and maybe I just know a good thing when I have it but know it even more, when I don’t have it. I know youse remember that Olivier grabbed my Andre’ the Fuji X100s. To be honest, I was sick taking him to the airport and watching him make photos with it. So, I used my photo mojo and extracted Andre’s soul out of the camera and then Olivier has an X100s that is just that. . Andre’s soul was safe and sound in my Ricoh GRII and just waiting. To make a long story short and not as interesting, I picked up a Fuji X100T and transported Andre’s soul into the updated version.

I will explain something right now and clearly as I can. Life is about living. Living is where you have choices. I see it this way. I could go to a camera store and buy a camera and take it out and make photos. I could look for places that interest me and decide when and where to work and go home and watch CNN and sip tea and pay the electric bill.

For me, I choose to believe in magic. The magic of photography is born from the magic of love….for me. I see the light and the anti-light. People walking thru time as if they were liquid. I see the world vibrating from 3 dimensions to 2 dimensions. I see things in Color and flash, in Black & White.

I see things right up close and then something far away.


I walk around with my friend in my hand and I feel my heart beating against the skin of the camera. Sometimes my friend hangs around my neck and we both feel my heart beat with excitement because we are bonded and enjoying our time. I feel like I’m in another world and seeing talking Windmills and I know my friend will record the vision for me.

Some may say I’m nuts. some might say that being like this is out of the ordinary. Ya know, maybe I am crazy but I say this. Photography is my life’s work. I’d rather be thought of as crazy and prove it every time I call to Andre’ of Walker etc. I can’t fathom the idea of having a camera with no use but to make photos. I can’t imagine living a life so boring without the magic of LOVE.

Pick up your camera. When no one is around, kiss it and smile. You’re not kissing a camera friends, you’re kissing the magic of love and the reason to live. It’s your process of photography.

Anything short of that….”THE HORROR'”.